YouTube has officially taken back their decision of removing the ‘verified’ badge from the creators.

The actual plan was to release brand new criteria of regulating the verification method and take away the existing badges from those channels which do not fit in the same.

After 24 hours of making the following announcement, they took it back.

As the existing criteria suggest, any channel would be able to apply for verification after reaching the mark of 1,00,000 subscribers.

The actual plan of YouTube was to restrain the verification process for the channels which are fake or impersonating to be someone else.

This would include celebrities, bands, famous public figures, and more. And an average Youtuber would have almost no chance of becoming verified again, even if they manage to get 100,000 subscribers.

YouTube Steps back and Apologized

The actual plan of YouTube got a very hard resentment from the users and the CEO, Susan Wojcicki, set out an apology against it.

To our creators & users–I’m sorry for the frustration & hurt that we caused with our new approach to verification. While trying to make improvements, we missed the mark. As I write this, we’re working to address your concerns & we’ll have more updates soon.”

Though there will be few minor changes

The company is not taking back all the announced updating on its verified status. Few small changes will be made effective as soon as they would restart their application process in October.

New Eligibility Criteria follows

More efforts will be made to verify the identity of the channel to forbid fake channels.

New Criteria requires

– Authenticity: The Channel must reflect the actual identity of the creator, entity or the brand they are alleging to be.

– Completeness: The channel should be made public, contain a description of the icon and must be active on the platform.

Latest Verified badge will have

YouTube plans to release one brand new for the verified status, which will come next year. The company will drop the check mark which is often misunderstood as an endorsement and replace it with a channel’s name on it.

As confirmed by the company, the new look would be on display thoroughly all over YouTube, which would be hard to duplicate.

Channels who has already served the required method would no longer have to apply for the verification process as it would be completed automatically.

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