Yoast 12.1 includes new custom favicons on mobile snippet preview

They are also providing more schema filters the same as search font size of Google’s desktop view.

Yoast announced 12.1 version of WordPress plugin. This version enables you to add your custom favicon into the mobile snippet preview, which is same as the font size of Google’s desktop view and search results. Yoast’s new feature also comes with the schema filters.

Why is it necessary?

An accurate preview on a desktop or a smartphone will allow you to understand nicely about what your customer views before as they click on it. This could help you to maximize your snippets and reassure them to click the available result.

These newly launched filters could also help you to control the output of the schema and offer searchers with the related info on your brand.

More from the buzz

The following filters added by Yoast 12.1 for precise control on schema output.

  • ‘wpseo_schema_organization_social_profiles’, this filters anyone’s social profiles. You can also make use of it to customize the social profiles inside an Organization schema object.
  • ‘wpseo_schema_company_name and wpseo_schema_company_logo_id’, this would filter your company’s name & logo from options of theme only if it is not introduced in the Yoast SEO’s settings.
  • ‘wpseo_enable_structured_data_blocks’ would disallow Yoast’s structured data block editor blocks.

For more information on Yoast’s structured data application updates, tune into Yoast SEO 11.0 (general schema implementation), 11.1 (images and video structured data), 11.2 (custom schema), 11.3 (personal image and avatar structured data), 11.4 (FAQ structured data), 11.5 (mobile snippet preview) and 11.6 (updated How-to structured data block).

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