Xiaomi launches Redmi K20 series with an exclusive AI feature “Knockout Bot”

Industry’s first “Knockout Bot” has been released, with the launch of Redmi K20 series by Reprise Network Company and Xiaomi’s digital agency.

A knockout Bot is a new and key solution that make the users aware each and everything about the device via a mesmerizing chat just like they are talking to a friend or they have visited a store. Within the banner-ads, the agency uses artificial intelligence and a chatbot. On the basis of the behaviour of the users, the Redmi Knockout Bot offers personalized recommendations and caters related info through one to one chats.

Sivakumar Ramamoorthy, Head of Digital Marketing, Xiaomi, India, said “Redmi K20 series is not only an outstanding smartphone with the fastest processor in the world, but it is also a one of a kind with its Knockout Bot feature. We always knew we must add a value to be one of a kind. After joining hands with the Interactive Avenues, we are all set to introduce our brand new product with an exclusive feature.”

The Knockout bot will be visible in the digital feeds of the users on display banner while making a conversation via Artificial Intelligence using the keywords plugged to Redmi K20 while interacting.

Aparna Tadikonda, EVP of Interactive Avenues, a Reprise Network company has enlightened that ” The reason behind the success of the campaigns today is the rationality and logical ideas blended with the craziness of creativity & spark. And Knockout Bot is a product of such craziness which triggered while launching Redmi K20 Pro series. The most advanced and innovative experience, which mostly the digital advertising companies practices added with Artificial Intelligence in the banner as more personalized customer experiences.”

“30 million impressions offered at 15 per cent interaction rate with 11 million unique user reach, we announce Redmi K20 Pro’s Knockout banner has really knocked out any doubt of the user.”

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