Why Out-of-Home Might be an Eventual Location-Based (Digital) Marketing Medium

OOH has developed into an enabling medium that consolidates high-sway creative with digital targeting and estimation. 

Among traditional media, out-of-home (OOH) is the primary channel developing while TV, radio, papers, magazines, and lists are, for the most part contracting. And, digital OOH, particularly programmatic, is growing considerably more quickly. The consolidated area this year will surpass $8 billion in ad spending, as indicated by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. 

From multiple points of view, OOH is the ideal hybrid mode for this loaded media minute. It joins the high-sway creative related to TV, with the advanced audience targeting and attribution capacities of digital marketing. The last has come to fruition through an organization with smartphones and location data.

Demonstrating OOH ROI with location data 

As one model, Vistar Media, which performs a digital OOH automatic network, has cooperated with Foursquare for audience experiences and foot traffic estimation. It empowers brands to follow the effect of digital OOH ad effect on steady foot traffic and store appearance. Other networks, Clear Channel and JCDecaux, offer comparative estimation capacities. 

Michael Provenzano, CEO and co-organizer of Vistar disclosed to me that programmatic DOOH produced about $150 million in income a year ago but is encountering 70% year-on-year development and made a beeline for $1 billion by 2024, as indicated by industry estimates. 

He included that “Out of home is about 4% to 6% of the brand spending today, but it’s just about 1% for CPG, so there’s heaps of headroom.” He indeed accepts that connection of mobile-location data and store appearance tracking has been a necessary advancement for the business. “If you can’t demonstrate ROI, you won’t get a larger investment,” he said. 

OOH + mobile = innovative combo 

Apart from this, OOH media is more “brand safe” than digital display advertising. There’s likewise no perceptibility issue with traditional OOH. Digital OOH positions and creatives can also change for the day as audiences move here and there: at drive times, during the day, and after work. Furthermore, that is genuinely valid with digital “taxi top” displays. 

There are likewise some creative mixes of OOH and mobile occurring. A stand-apart model is the Waze-McDonald’s campaign that associated OOH boards with in-car ads on Waze. Another is the ongoing HBO campaign for the show Watchmen. The campaign coordinated augmented reality with JCDecaux bus shelter promotions in New York and LA to extraordinary impact (see the video underneath). 

“AR will assume a job in progress with the development of OOH; we’ll see much more of that a year or two,” said Brian Rappaport, the originator of Quan Media Group, an office devoted to OOH. He communicates incredible confidence about the future of OOH, including that there is a lot of exciting opportunities, “at concerts and different kinds of occasions, with digital screens in physical locations.” 

Improves productivity of other media 

Rappaport also calls attention to that OOH placements increase extra reach through different channels and drive social sharing and online queries on smartphones. As indicated by Nielsen examination, referred to by Facebook, “almost 4 out of 10 grown-ups overviewed (38%) in the US state they have visited a Facebook page or posted on Facebook after seeing an OOH ad, and 25% have presented on Instagram.” And for a situation study including Danone yogurt in Europe, OOH was more potent than print or TV in acquainting new products to Millennials and individuals from Gen Z. 

Another later investigation by the creative agency composed found that OOH and in-store advertising had a more noticeable impact on product discovery for individuals from Gen Z than Snapchat, Facebook, or Twitter. 

For more youthful users specifically, the differences among on the web and “IRL” are vanishing. Also, with the exemption of mobile, maybe no other advertising channel or medium epitomizes that hybrid experience as much as OOH.

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