Whatsapp is all set to release its newest feature called “Share to facebook story”

Zuckerberg plans to create a unified platform by combining Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp to let 2.6 billion users communicate via cross-apps at the end of 2020

Facebook-owned Whatsapp, an instant messaging app is all set to release its new feature exclusively for Android users. The feature would enable the users to share their status stories over the facebook directly and other apps.

Same as Instagram and WhatsApp Status Stories where the user can update their images, text and videos on their profiles which would be visible for 24 hours.

“Whatsapp’s new feature would let you share your Whatsapp Story to Facebook. I feel it is fascinating to have one centralized mode of communicating to all these social media platforms.” updated one user.

Another user posted that “Latest #Whatsapp update would let you share your #FacebookStory too.”

Select the share button on your Whatsapp to use this feature. After that, you will able to see the other apps to share your status story.

Just by selecting “Share to facebook story” you would be able to share your WhatsApp status to your Facebook story.

Presently, there isn’t any option available to share your Whatsapp status automatically to other social media platforms. Therefore, Whatsapp thinks that it would be an excellent opportunity for users to have an option like that.

To simplify the communication of 2.6 billion users via cross-apps by the end of 2020. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, planned to unite their apps which are Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp.

The latest move would help the Social media Mughal to trigger more engagement to advertisers. And at the same time, brainstorm their advertising division when growth is moderate.

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