Unilever Practice To Future Proof And Upskill Their Employee Skills Using Artificial Intelligence Technology

Unilever came up with a new marketplace for its personnel that utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology to enable their employees to find new career opportunities and areas where they can learn and upskill in a universal learning environment.

This marketplace works by guiding the employees to prepare their profile by mentioning their skills and skills in which they want improvement or any skills where they wish to expertise. 

For this, it makes use of Artificial Intelligence technology to help the employees to find better opportunities across the company that suits the individual and business goals. 

Like- if there is some project which can increase the experience of an employee, they can opt for that.

Executive vice-president of HR at Unilever, Jeroen Wels, said in Marketing Week that- ‘we are creating extreme transparency in the options we have to our employees”. 

If they democratize the various opportunities they have in the company with the help of Artificial Intelligence technology employees can easily get to know and according to their skills sets and their desire to gain experience in particular field they can apply for it and can grab those opportunities.

Moreover, he added in his note: It develops a frictionless ambience where there is no place for a middle man.

In short, no need for any manager who assigns the opportunities to the employees based on their skill set or no requirement for any middle man instead it is a straightforward task which can occur on a real-time basis.

In his note, he also added that 30,000 employees are already experiencing a benefit, which even includes the marketing team who are utilizing this system. 

To support his statement, Wels explained this with an example of one of his employees who is working on an innovation project in Europe, using this system to find experience in another market. 

He has now acquired an international experience without moving its leg out of New York and to identify is it suitable for him.

Unilever main motto with the introduction of this is to empower their employees to prepare themselves for the future. 

Development in Artificial Intelligence technology, increasing demands for some skills sets and another side no demands for some skill sets needed urgency in building skills of the employees.

Unilever wants its employees to build skills and make themselves responsible for their skill sets to grab the opportunities in the company.

Unilever is already started scaling up their projects, and it is expected to complete it by 2020. It began building projects in various fields such as – Finance, It, supply chain, R& D, and marketing appropriately.

Upskilling employee skills helps the brands in understanding which type of projects and skills are in more demand and also predict the future status of their marketing.

Wels describes: “When we started the platform, a senior-most leader said ‘This marketplace, will help in knowing which projects and skill sets are in high demand’. 

Also added, It gives us the insight to understand the interest of the people in which type of project people are more interested in and which type of skills we lack in it. 

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