Unacast Associates with Mapidea to Bring Geospatial Data Offerings

Unacast’s associates with Mapidea will permit a more extensive gathering of reputed brands to use location data. 

Unacast, an award-winning geospatial data, and critical insights organization, is satisfied to report another association with Mapidea, an industry-driving location examination firm. This association will permit the two organizations to verify a dependable balance into the bigger international retail market, filling in as an extension to the data bundles that are right now part of Unacast’s lead product, The Real World Graph. 

Mapidea has customers in a few industry verticals, including retail, broadcast communications, pharmaceuticals, health-related services, banking, and insurance. From distinguishing the best locations for new retail locations to upgrading the telecom infrastructure, Mapidea assists organizations with breaking down how and where their customers are associating with their brands, both in the physical and online world. 

“Taking a glance at data in various manners can help fill in holes in the purchaser’s journey,” said Miguel Marques, Mapidea’s Founder and CEO. “This association with Unacast will help improve our data quality and amount, permitting us to comprehend offline exercises at a granular level.” 

Unacast’s attention to carrying location data insights to a more extensive audience is additionally a key segment to the association. As of late, Unacast has extended to incorporate retailers and retail estate organizations as a bigger level of its customer base. Bringing geospatial insights into these kinds of organizations will help Unacast gain proficiency with the particular needs of every industry. 

“At Unacast, we generally need to utilize data for good, particularly with regards to privacy and morals,” said Thomas Walle, Co-Organizer and Chief Executive Officer at Unacast. “Seeing how different industries might utilize location data to tackle certifiable issues is our objective.” 

Besides, The Real World Graph®, Unacast likewise offers Pure, and Activity Feeds to key accomplices who need to be nearer to the data, making or consolidating their investigation with other data collections. Unacast additionally offers global data across Australia, Europe, Asia, and South America.

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