Twitter releases ‘Lists’ as an alternative of Swipeable Timelines on iOS

After the first experiment in June, now Twitter announces to provide an alternative of swipeable tweet feeds with lists on iOS.

As you can see in the example, the users will be able to pin a maximum of five chosen lists from their ‘Lists’ in the settings which will appear as a swipeable feed from the timeline of the home. In this way, the users will have multiple ways to access specific discussions which in turn makes it more engaging and gives away an interactive experience.

Suppose, you always like to stay updated with the latest tweets on your favourite soap operas when it is live, but you had to use Twitter for other serious purposes too. It can be frustrating at times to see your main feed loaded with all the recap updates from those shows. But, now you’ll have an option to separate those entire discussions, and would let you engage with the review of the program when you wish to, or you can keep it hidden at times when you’re not interested in it.

The Lists option in Twitter was considered an underrated feature for long now. And at last, they have something for themselves to acknowledge from the past as they would let the users utilize their lists option to sort their experience. And a platform like Twitter needs to provide more opportunities to its user. Through the List, option user would be capable of separating their tweet discussions based on the topic. This will also be easier for maintaining the substance for every review, and it might improve engagement as well.

There might be few analytical drawbacks as you don’t have to follow an account in order to add it to your List. So you can make a massive list of things you want to know about but not necessarily you have to follow them, but still, you can see their tweets. The Lists option will be much easier to use, yet the functionality while creating them is the same.

It looks like a good upgradation for Twitter, and it’ll be exciting to witness how if and how users would make use of the swipeable streams option.

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