Tweet through SMS option has been deactivated by Twitter temporarily

Twitter has temporarily taken down the option of tweet via SMS. The reason behind this is due to vulnerabilities in the system of mobile users, and twitter also wants to modify the two-factor mobile number authentication. It will restart the option soon again for the market which depends on SMS for stable communication. Twitter also vows to find a persisting solution for tweet via SMS feature.

Why is it Important?

Jack Dorsey present CEO of Twitter, his Twitter account was hacked early last week by a group called “Chuckle Squad”. These hackers tweeted several racial and antisemitic messages through Dorsey’s account. Soon after the tweets, the account was recovered, and the mobile network provider was held responsible for the compromise of the security and send tweets through SMS from the mobile number.

Growing an extensive network of SIM hackers on Twitter

Hacking of several Twitter accounts of youtube celebrities came into light after that. And at the same time, they concluded that their twitter accounts were intruded through a SIM card swap regulated by a mobile service provider.

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