Top 10 Social Media Bots Of 2019: How To Use It In Marketing.

Just like chatbots, social media bots is not new to the people. Most of the top brands are already in practice and leveraging a benefit out of it.

One of the reasons for the evolution of social media bots is due to the dependency of the people on social networking sites.

Including social media bots in your marketing techniques is the advanced way brands adapting to get highlighted in this competitive environment.

Moreover, installing social media marketing bots is so easy, and some tools are available for free to install and use it.

As you have already had an idea about what are social media marketing bots. Let us define it to ensure about it. It’s a sequence of codes, and software combine with artificial intelligence to automate predefined tasks and initiate conversions with humans, to assist them in no time.

Social media marketing bots work wonders to engage people of this era and help in building a strong relationship with customers by delivering customized messages to the people and anticipating user reactions.

Based on the platform or domain suitable for your business social media bots can be programmed accordingly to perform a list of functions like sending welcome messages, assisting people in search, answering to the user’s queries, liking or commenting other users posts and similar other features.

Even though the same tasks can be performed with the help of apps by going through a menu with a list of options, while the social media marketing bots ensure the customer they are communicating with a human in a form of conversion by providing appropriate answers to their queries and redirecting them to their intended page or by giving backlink to pages they are in search.

Generally, social media marketing bots are used to perform tasks which are repetitive or straightforward to reduce the burden of humans. A properly designed social media marketing bots can help organizations to reduce customer service staff.

According to data collected from Google Trends indicates over the past five years the search volume around chatbot keyword is increased by 19 times and most of the brands are began to realize the value of social media bots. (Source:

One of the ways to stay ahead in the market is to automate operation whatever you can — for instance, giving a customer the options to choose from a menu, filling a form and check out on their own at stores.

Moreover, current chatbots are smart enough to carry out any tasks they learn from their activities on their own and measurably improves overtime. To our knowledge,47% of consumers would purchase items from a chatbot.

Social media bots used in marketing for carrying out various tasks which include-

  • Acting as a customer service executive
  • Available to the user to answer simple questions
  • Sending personalized messages
  • Sending notifications related to accounts or order
  • Delivering real-time reports for analytics
  • Facilitating sales
  • Collecting granular level information of the customers
  • Providing relevant information based on the context.
  • Bots can also be used along with the email marketing services for optimizing campaigns performance by sending personalized content to the audience.
  • Bots work well for upselling and cross-selling products and help in improving the conversion of leads.

Besides this, over 80% of small business entrepreneurs in India and Brazil stated Whatsapp helps them to communicate with customers more efficiently and grows their business.

As time passes, ample of social media marketing bots are developed, some of the bots are general bots that can work for every social media platform, and some are specific to some social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube bots.

Let’s have a glance at some of the top 10 social media marketing bots that can work well for your business:

1. Jarvee

Jarvee is one of the best social media bots that can help you to automate every social media activity from Twitter, Facebook. Youtube, LinkedIn, Tumbler and Pinterest. It comes with a free trial for five days.

For every social media network it works according to it like for Instagram Jarvee can do- post scheduling, auto reposts, auto follow, follow back, unfollow, auto like, auto comment, delete posts, contact prospects, Manage your DMS, hashtag research, block followers, save posts, manage comments, delete comments, identify the extract targeted users, like comments, automatic phone verification, spin syntax and other operations.

Jarvee comes in different levels of packages for starters, professional and premium members. These packages are based on the number of social accounts you want to handle.

2. FollowingLike

FollowingLike is an ideal social media bot that works well for almost all popular social media platforms including Pinterest, Tumbler, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, and others.

These work well for automating simple to complex social media operations quickly for various social media networks according to their functionality.

For example, on the Facebook platform it can- follow users, unfollow users, add/remove friends, like and unlike pages, share posts, comment on the posts, send DMS and many other. It has a fair price against other social media bots.

3. Somiibo

Somiibo is one of the most simple social media marketing bots among marketers, and it works for almost all social media platforms. It is a free auto follower, liker, and reposter for social media.

It’s one of the most comfortable social media marketing bots to install, and handle operations. Additionally, this social media bots has a unique feature that allows you to interact with other social media platforms and encourage them to follow you and like your content.

4. MonsterSocial

MonsterSocial performs as an automated social media bot for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumbler.

it can automate the general social media activities such as follow or unfollow accounts finding profiles through hashtags in your following or followers lists.

With this bots, you can run multiple social media networks on various profiles on various features.

It has provided you with an option to select pricing going with a single social media platforms or pack of social media platforms.

5. FollowLiker

FollowLiker is a leading social media bot. It’s famous for providing super flexibility, high reliability and multipurpose which automates almost all social media tasks.

It can grow all your social media accounts such as Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

It is effortless to install and use. It can follow users, unfollow users, like and unlike posts, comment on the posts, user search, post search and send DMS.

6. Socinator

Socinator is the best automation software for performing activities of all social media platforms such as- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, and Tumblr Automation. Socinator helps you in auto-publish and schedule posts on various networks at the same time. It can also perform content curation by importing content via RSS feeds, monitoring folder etc.

You can grow your ten times faster by auto-follow, follow back, Auto like, auto comment, auto messages, auto repost, auto friends requests, auto-accept friends, auto-join groups, auto unjoin, live chat and many more in all popular social media platforms.

It also powered with features like- auto shortens URLs, Auto submit captcha verification, Auto publish posts from RSS, complete report for all activity, Analytics and growth metrics, and Embedded browser for each network.

7.Facebook Best Social media Bots

Some social media bots work specific to some particularly social media platforms. Every social media platform has there own tasks. On Facebook it generally has like, comment, send friend requests, share status and pictures, page likes, post scheduling, find page or groups, ignore groups, auto invites to group, auto comment and like, auto accepting friend request, auto changing cover photo, turn off notifications, auto replying to messages and many others.

The best social media bots which are specific to the Facebook platform are Fynd’s Fify, Twyla, Burger King, 1-800-Flowers, Spring, Wall Street Journal, Health Tap, BeSure Messenger, KLM Airlines, and Zork.

8.Instagram Best Social Media Bots

Next, to Facebook, Instagram is growing very fast, and it is one of the most popular social media platforms. To leverage benefit with these platform, marketers making use of automated social media bots that can perform various social media activities particular to that specific platform such as follow or unfollow users, share posts, like or unlike photos, comment on photos, Send DMS, post scheduling, auto like or comment, delete posts, contact prospects, block followers, delete like or comments, save posts, spin syntax and many more

All these operations you can perform using general or specifically designed social media bots such as- Instazood, Social steeze, Risesocial, LikeSocial, Follow Adder, and Plan My Post.

9.Twitter Best Social media Bots

Twitter social media bots have covered up to 15% of total Twitter users. Just like other platforms Twitter also has its individual tasks such as- post scheduling, twitter mention, auto-follow or unfollow, auto-follow back, auto retweet, automatic hashtags, automatic favourites, monitor results, spin syntax, send DM’stargeted users, and Night Mode.

Twitter-specific social media tasks you can perform with the general social media bots which mentioned above or you can opt for the specific Twitter social media bots such as- Botmoji, Followr, Powerpack, Slashgif, Nectar ninja, Robolike, Olivia Taters, Netflix Bot, Dear Assistant, Quilt Bot, Reverse OCR, Museum Bot, Accidental Haiku, This is Just to Say, My Favorite Thing, Portmanteau Bot, Fuck Every Word, Awl Tags, Auto Charts, TinyCarebot, EmojiAquarium, Tiny-Star-Field, I-FInd-Planets, Think Piece Bot, DeepQuestionBot, Softlandscapes, Pixelsorter, Grow-Slow, and year-Progress.

10.LinkedIn Best Social Media Bots

LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform among professionals, and its users are growing at a faster rate. Paying attention to every social media platform will not be easy for marketers to resolve this, marketers are making use of general social media bots or specific social media bots based on their audience preference social media platform.

LinkedIn also just like other social media platform, it has its tasks. With the help of these specific social media bots you can perform- Post scheduling, Campaign insights, Finding Groups in your niche, Join/Unjoin groups, Ignore groups, invite friends to groups. Auto viewing of profiles, URL shortening, send messages to connections, auto sends connection requests, auto-accept connect request, and spin syntax.

LinkedIn tasks you can carry out by using general social media bots or specific LinkedIn social media bots such as-Linkedhelper and Dux-Soup,


Social media bots are becoming so popular with the time being because people are more dependent on messenger to chat with friends and others. If they get the opportunity to talk with business people and get their query to solve, it’s like a win-win circumstance for both business and the customer.

Social media bots are virtual robots powered by AI. Social media bots can be programmed according to your needs.

Many social media bots are available in the market; some are general, and some are specific to a particular platform. Which can help you to automatically like, comment, follow, unfollow and perform similar tasks.

Social media bots you can get both in free, trial and premium version of the same. Based on your targeted platform, you can choose the one which best suits.

Hope you are now clear with how social media bots used in marketing and various social media bots you can choose from.

Please do comment and share your experience with us. We are here to share and learn the same

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