The 2019 State of Email Marketing Report discloses the mutual connection of Revenue growth with Email efficiency

Validity, the most trusted brand in data quality since last year has joined hands with global marketing research and advisory firm called Demand metric to release a report on The 2019 State of Email Marketing.

On the basis of research carried on B2B, B2C, and other nonprofit marketing organizations, current year’s outcomes reflect that email marketing persists on being the most efficient and popular technique of marketing today. Far more, the report reveals that which email tactics are commonly used to enhance the performance and meet the challenges marketers are facing to improve email efficiency.

The mutual connection of Revenue growth with Email efficiency :

An effective email marketing program isn’t the only technique for seeking high revenue. But it is proven to be one of the critical factors to trigger growth.

Email marketers who are serious about enhancing their email program actually realize revenue growth in return. The marketers who claim to have experienced a four-times growth in revenue says their email marketing effectiveness has also increased.

And those marketers who have confirmed to witness a steep fall on their efficiency of email marketing program has realized a six times fall in their revenue too.

Delivering an email has become more challenging :

This year the most challenging thing an email marketer is facing the competition for seeking the attention in the inbox, which is 45%, but only if their emails are reaching the inbox. The deliverability of email is graded to be third on the list of marketers’. As compared to the 2018 report, marketers are facing a 12% increase on the issue of deliverability of email.

A right email marketing technique can trigger more growth :

The report emphasizes most of the techniques listed in the survey has at least a little positive impact on email efficiency. Particularly an email deliverability optimization, reactivation campaigns and A/B testing shows are successful at driving higher open rates. Email personalization (72%), subject line optimization (52%) and list management (63%) are the main techniques used by marketers who have above-average open rates. The method of email deliverability optimization is the highest(51%), then comes A/B testing (50%) and finally reactivation of campaigns (36%).

The conclusion

Since last year, 80% of recipients to report email marketing efficiency is either steady or increasing. Fewer marketers have also said to have a “little increase” in email efficiency this year (36% VS 28%). And there are more who are claiming to have their email efficiency steady (43% VS 37%) as compared to the last year. In order to improve email efficiency marketers has outsourced resources this year.

“Marketers today understand that email is the most effective marketing channel, but their success hinges on having access to the most accurate and useful data. This study shows that marketers who rely on clean lists and reaching the inbox will experience higher email open rates, revenue, and increasing email effectiveness” said Tom Sather, Sr. Director of Research at Validity. “As email marketing continues to evolve, marketers must use the right mix of tactics and technology like list validation, inbox monitoring, and certification to continually improve results.”

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