The Changes Coming to Chrome Video Ad Blocking Could Affect YouTube

Mid-roll ads of any length are regarded as “intrusive” in advanced Better Ads Standards.  Google Chrome’s advertisement blocking endeavors will, before long, reach out to “intrusive” video ads. The browser will embrace the most recent standards for video advertisements from the Coalition for Better Ads, reported Wednesday. The progressions will apply to certain non-linear, pre-roll, … Read more

How Brands and influencers Figure-out Better Approaches to Team-Up After Instagram Removes ‘Like’

Marketing specialists said it would get more apparent to the influencer environment and improve the content on the platform. It has been a little more than fourteen-day since Facebook-held Instagram expel the”like” feature on the prevalent photograph and video sharing platform, and influencers and advertisers in India are attempting to discover better approaches to work … Read more

Google Rules for YouTube ads ‘Don’t go a Long Way’

Google introduced new Youtube ad rules to clean spammy content from sites and to resolve the ongoing issues related to brand safety. Google update imposed a new rule on the type of videos that generate ad revenue, in addition to these, it introduces a new review method according to Google. It also promised to provide … Read more