DigitalKites – Democratic and collaborative digital advertising is here now

March 2020, Hyderabad:    DigitalKites announced their foray into the digital advertising ecosystem with the release of their two flagship products, AudiencePrime & AudiencePlay for brands and publishers respectively. Both the products are free and are built as open collaborative platforms where customers can explore various capabilities with no barriers to entry or exit. AudiencePlay is an … Read more

The Customers and Prospects do not look most of the Site Content, Research Reveals

Further benchmarks incorporate mobile visits, conversions by device, paid versus natural traffic, and visits before conversion.  Another benchmarking report (enrollment requested) from Contentsquare includes various significant measurements and data points, and one that is particularly striking. By and large, the report discovers, buyers don’t see 69 % of all web content.  The report depends on … Read more

Why Hyper-Personalization Needs an Appropriate Worth Exchange

Brands need to react not only through the making of custom-fitted expectations but through accountability for how they decide to gain and develop shopper trust.  Retailers nowadays encounter an interesting challenge, and serious opportunities welcomed by the developing customer interest for personalized items, proposals, and encounters. To effectively accomplish this personalization, the delivery procedure for … Read more

Is personalization, ID Resolution Value Risking Customer Trust?

As privacy guidelines proceed to extend and advertisement blocker utilization develops, marketers are being compelled to rethink how they track and target users.  There’s a great deal of buzz concerning personalization and ID resolution. It can genuinely work with regards to customer engagement. But, there’s another view.  “Most marketers still not truly mulling over ID … Read more

Marketers’ approach to location data has changed from ‘where’ to ‘why.’

But, various operational difficulties disrupt the general flow of full usage.  As indicated by data from 451 Research, 98% of marketers studied said they were presently working with location data in some structure. Past this, they’re moving from essential uses (geo-focused on advertisements) to more advanced use cases, for example, audience know-how, personalization, and attribution.  … Read more

Customers Need more Text-Based Customer Assistance Alternatives from Brands

Your customers need content for live help. Is it accurate to say that you are prepared?  At the point when gotten some information about customer support inclinations, 72% of buyers aged 18 to 64 said being able to content with a live executive real-time would improve their complete customer service experience. The inquiry was a … Read more

Is it time marketers take more responsibility for Identity resolution platforms?

Reducing third-party data and developing security guidelines will affect accessible data, driving more marketers to assume responsibility for ID graphs and identity programs.  U.S. marketers are required to put $2.6 billion in identity resolution programs by 2022 — a 188% expansion through the span of four years, as indicated by a Winterberry Group predict. The … Read more

Meta Descriptions and Branding have a Greater Effect on Search Clickthrough, Survey Discovers

Most of the members additionally concurred that productive outcomes improve Google search.  Meta descriptions, trailed by brand name and page title, have the biggest impact on whether users navigate on a search outcome, as indicated by an investigation led by Ignite Visibility. 66% of review respondents likewise said that more advertisements would make them need … Read more