Snapchat Launches Lens Web Builder to Make AR Campaigns in Minutes

It’s Snap’s most recent move to make the arrangement progressively open by lessening the conflict of purchasing and delivering AR campaigns.  Snapchat has reported another ad item that gives advertisers a simpler method to structure and appropriate AR-based advertisements. With the new ‘Lens Web Builder,’ you can make AR Lens campaigns legitimately inside Snapchat’s Ads … Read more

Facebook Purchases AR Startup Creating a 1:1 Digital Map of the Physical World

The obtaining is concerned with augmented reality, but Scape Technologies’ capacities go over AR. Facebook has allegedly acquired Scape Technologies; a UK augmented reality (AR) startup. TechCrunch assessed the buy price might be around $40 million. If that Scape were simply one more AR organization, the news wouldn’t be that intriguing or conceivably noteworthy — … Read more