Snapchat released a new feature of ‘3D Snaps’ which enables you with in-depth display snaps while you’re moving your phone

Snapchat’s new creative feature accredited with 3D effects creates depth in your snaps.

According to Snapchat, “At present, we are happy to present a 3D Camera Mode which provides you with a depth in your every snap. Utilize the 3D camera to capture spatial detail, altering the overall appearance depending on the way you move your phone while viewing them. So these 3D snap looks different, act differently, and nevertheless feels different.”

This new technology has the same ability as of Facebook’s 3D pictures. It is done through a smartphones’ dual-camera set-up and boosts your snap into another level.

In the beginning, this new feature will be available only to users on iPhone X and above only. Later the Android or iPhone users will be able to exchange and interact with 3D camera enabled snaps.  

And to maximize your 3D images, Snapchat is also adding in a range of new 3D Effects that users can swipe on in the Filter Carousel.

To increase the popularity of 3D images, Snapchat is adding an entirely new range of 3D effects to swipe in at the filter gallery.

At present who can use this feature, you can recreate and decorate your 3D snaps. Here’s how to do it

  1. Update your Snapchat app
  2. Go to Snapchat camera
  3. On the right select the dropdown menu
  4. While taking ‘selfie’ select “3D.”
  5. Later swipe to 3D Lenses and other Filters for interactivity layers
  6. Filter feel free to share your snap on Chats, Stories or in your gallery

It is nothing but a good looking option which will undoubtedly get popular amidst the snapchatters. The noteworthy part is, Facebook has confirmed that already millions of 3D and 360 photos are updated by the users highlighting its potentiality.

Snapchat’s growing user base has ardently welcomed this exciting new feature. In the meantime, the brands are figuring out how to make the best out of it, as it is a very early stage.

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