snapchat extends video ads

Now advertisers will be able to optimize their 15-second video views with the new feature of bidding.

Snapchat has released multiple updates about the video advertisers, which includes the increased duration of all Snap Ads. And more interactive options are six-second non-skip ads and Goal-Based Bidding.

Snap Ads will run for three minutes.
Earlier, the duration of a Snap Ad was maximum of ten-seconds. Undoubtedly Snapchat has increased the maximum length to 180-seconds for all the ads. The company has confirmed that the user experience will same (still the users will be able to interact as well as skip the ads like always), just that the advertisers will be capable of running longer ads on their platform.

Swipe-up options for ads.
Snapchat’s non-skippable six-second ad was released as video-only ads, without any interactive options within it. But now they have made it possible for the users to swipe-up on these ad units and the same as it is on other ad formats. Those other ad formats are introduced either as a web view, camera attachment or a long-form video.

At present, it has been reported that Snapchat has sold ads through an ad-auction platform which witnessed around $10 to $12 CPMs, with an average cost-per-completed-view (CPCV) of $0.01.

Snapchat advertisers will confer an all-new bidding option for more optimization from a 15-second video view. The company targets to deliver a brand new level of ad engagement with newly optimized bidding model.


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