Shutterstock Introduces Smart Brief, A Collaborative Tool For Innovative Briefs

The tool utilizes digital innovation to quicken the conventional creative collaboration procedure. 

Visual content supplier Shutterstock today reported the introduction of ​Smart Brief – another tool intended to disentangle and improve the innovative instructions process for marketers and creatives. 

The new assistance is a segment of Shutterstock Custom, a top-notch content management way out that enables enterprise clients to create and scale branded content. Shutterstock Custom users will have the option to get to the Smart Brief tool, which utilizes digital innovation to quicken the customary inventive collaboration process. 

As indicated by the organization, key features of the tool include: 

Intelligence. Enabled by machine learning, the tool instructs users through the procedure with pertinent prompts that catch precise sources of info while removing clashing or pointless information. 

Enhanced collaboration. Users will be able to acknowledge changes and proposals from other colleagues, view or return to past versions, and clone existing briefs. 

Adaptability. Users can make acclimations to controls, production value, and the administration level per project as the extent of work develops. 

Why we should mind 

Innovative collaboration is regularly a pain point for both marketers and creative experts the same – and can be especially trying for organization groups managing high-volume client projects. 

A tool like Smart Brief can streamline work processes, bringing about less time spent contributing briefs and acquiring approvals and additional time committed to making top-notch branded content. 

“The conventional innovative brief procedure is difficult, tedious, and leaves a great deal open to elucidation… We set out to mechanize and simplify the experience,” said Sylvain Grande, SVP of product and UX at Shutterstock. “Keen Brief streamlines our clients’ work process and thus, enables them to get content quicker without bargaining results or being on set.”

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