Role of Mobile in Reaching Ads to the Consumers

OneOneDay, a Hong Kong-based advertisement tech startup, recently introduced the Oodies application in India which uses social causes as a bonus for users to watch adverts.

Mobiles have turned into a driver of digital advertising, helping marketers contact their target group on mobile. Digital advertising today is increasingly refined, customised, and applicable. Customers invest more energy online than any other time in recent memory, making online as an advertising platform with reach across different gadgets, and shoppers.

Organisations are constrained to conventional targetting by demographics as well as now can also target audiences destined to buy dependent on the way of life, practices, buyer intent, preference, and interest.

OneOneDay, a Hong Kong-based ad-tech SME, recently introduced the Oodies application in India. As indicated by the organisation, this application enables users to procure money rewards and give some portion of it to social causes by watching commercials of their decision.

Rick Tsing, Creator and CEO of OneOneDay, converses with about its advertising platform application, Oodies, and how advertisers and purchasers profit by the platform and how the organisation is channelising itself in India.

Tsing said that with constrained assets at this platform, the organisation had directed marketing spending plan into expanding development on advanced marketing channels, for example, social media and Google AdWords and its referral program. The last rewards each referral user and has brought a portion of its most strong users, he includes.

Clarifying the plan of action as far as user engagement, Tsing stated, “Rather than advertisers attacking customers’ time and consideration, why not unite advertisers and shoppers?”

On Oodies, each time a user prefers to draws in with an ad, he/she procures money or treats to reward his/her consideration, and supporting a particular social reason. As per the organisation, Oodies buckles down on a reasonable trade model that transforms viewers’ attention into a currency of significant worth. Users can pick the advertisements they need to watch and get rewarded in real money for their time and consideration.

The organisation said that the application gives a viable anti-advertising waste solution for advertisers. It coordinates the target audience appropriately, which is controlled by blockchain and psychometrics.

Tsing included that social media has turned into an indistinguishable piece of mobile advertising, and it is an indispensable channel for branding building and communication. 

“We’ve likewise observed plenty of reviews and sharing on YouTube, where vloggers are sharing the Oodies application and welcoming their viewers to go along with us! We will keep on working with more influencers and drive the development of significant ad community,” he included.

With more than 150,000 enrolled users and them together timing up over 800,000 advertisement engagement, the organisation said. Advertisers that are existed on the platform incorporate Bisleri, HUL’s Fair and Lovely, and Career Foundation

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