Reddit released new mobile landing pages, standard sizes and optional referral URLs for video ads

With new standard sizes, advertisers will be capable of reusing the content from other platforms.

On Wednesday, Reddit introduced three new video ad updates after launching their new mobile landing pages. These landing pages will help advertisers to add two more aspect ratios for ad sizes plus the optional referral URLs for CPV (cost per view) campaigns.

Mobile landing pages especially for video ads. All-new mobile landing pages enabled for video ads are uniquely handcrafted to offer a “seamless viewing experience” to the user when they click on the in-feed video ad on Reddit mobile. Later, they will be redirected to the website where the ad plays uninterrupted along with the other product & brand information from the advertiser.

This is how it will look like

Mobile landing pages are now available for all mobile video ads instead of any specific objective. Reddit is expecting that the update will enhance engagement, and they will find better conversion rates and completion rates.

The new video ad sizes. Now the video ads will be available in 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. Reddit will also support 1:1 square & 4:5 vertical video sizes.

“From now on, advertisers can use cross-platform video assets where they don’t have to re-make their content for Reddit ads respectively,” clears Reddit on the platform of Upvoted Blog.

Optional referral URLs will be available for optimizing CPV campaigns. Side by side Reddit has also announced its new optional referral URLs for running CPV campaigns, which would allow advertisers with the ability to include referral URLs in the campaigns optimized for views. Reddit has also confirmed that the referral URLs will now enable advertisers to deliver a “cleaner” experience of viewing while getting more video views.

Why is it necessary.After releasing thoroughly improved site last year, Reddit says that there is a noticeable increase of page views and users also tends to time to spend more time on their website and app. The user engagement also increased with an entirely new design. And the comprehensive ad features is something which has come out to be very successful from the last year.

Apart from providing more options on video ads, Reddit has now formed their own first video engineering team to improve and test the video ad products.

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