Reason For Brands To Refocus On The Efficiency Of Creativity

Creativity is something which makes you unique from the rest of the world. That’s what people are interested in.

The brands who display creative optimization in their work experience better business results.

McKinsey’s Award Creativity Score, which measures plenty of Cannes Lions awards won, range of categories and consistency for a period of time, found that 67% of companies in the top quartile have above-average organic revenue growth.

In addition to this, 74% above average net enterprise value and 70% above-average total revenue to shareholders.

According to Nielsen data, which examined 500 FMCG campaigns in 2016-17, reports creative optimization is the primary reason for 47% increase in sales, ahead of reach (22%), targeting(9%), and brands(15%).

Mattress brand Eve CMO, Cheryl Calverley said ”As a marketer, his primary goal is to monetise the creativity.

His job is to bring creativity and convert it into pounds and pence”.

Despite these facts, there is a decrease in advertising creativity.

According to the study conducted in 2016 by Peter Field for the IPA and advertising service, WARC identified the number of short-term campaigns had fourfold to 30%, while investment on creativity was fall to around 12%.

In the past ten years, digital marketers are more inclined towards performance and optimization than creativity.

It is seen that doing SEO optimization is easier than building fame creative campaigns. The only way to get visible in a crowd is to come up with some creatives.

How can you measure creativity?

An exclusive survey conducted with more than 400 brand marketers by marketing week and reports that 61.8% focus on the effectiveness of creativity and only one out of ten don’t pay any interest in measuring them.

Generally, marketers who measure creative optimization do post-launch measurement by 90.3%, and only 40.6% perform pre-test creativity to find creatives and ways to improve it while 35.2% of them do pre-test whether to opt the creative or not.

The good marketers know what challenges they may face in the future, so they plan and accordingly implementing the creativity where ever they required.

Aligning Creativity With KPI’s 

creative optimization plays a vital role in some areas to boost the performance of the campaign. We may try different creatives at different point of time, during this it’s necessary to align KPI”s align with objectives.

Consider an example, At Ella’s kitchen, which is done through a series of processes called ‘Stargazer’. It scales the effectiveness of the campaign on the scale of 0-6 point to determine which is most significant.

Creativity Unlocks Recovery

At Birds Eye, their inclination towards creative optimization has to lead to an increase in ROI by 24%, and it became the primary reason for them to recover as a brand says Challouma. Birds Eye was falling at a rate between 5-6% for a period of 3-4 years in a row, but in the year 2018, it gained a growth of 4%.

It proves the impact of creativity in making the rest of the businesses much easier.

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