PubPlus Unifies into Verizon Media Ad Platforms for Native Advertising

Tel Aviv: PubPlus, an income attribution platform for content distributors, today reported that it has connected the Verizon Media Ad platforms desired associate program, including their names to a developing network of creative publicizing technology and service firms, focused on conveying a better quality of technology merge and customer services to digital marketers. 

As a fresh associate, PubPlus has been explicitly chosen and coordinated into Verizon Media Ad Platforms, the Verizon Media restrictive commercial centre for local advertising throughout devices. Verizon Media is the most recent media platform to forge an instant, specific association with PubPlus, which furnishes publishers with the business’ most incredible tools for guaranteeing a degree of profitability in paid content distribution. The association with Verizon affects PubPlus’ extraordinary abilities to well assist marketers with accomplishing enhanced outcomes through their Verizon Media Ad platforms advertising campaigns. 

“We’re enchanted to be perceived as a Verizon Media Ad platforms desired associate,” said Gil Bar-Tur, CEO and co-organizer of PubPlus. “Verizon Media has developed as a solid and suitable channel for publishers hoping to expand their paid content advancement efforts additionally, and our new degree of association show that guarantee.” 

The Verizon Media Ad platforms desired associate program offers a broad scope of assets, preparing, and support to help associate individuals develop their organizations. Verizon Media Ad platforms desired associates have passed a thorough choice process and speak to industry trend-setters and services associates that assist simplify the way toward driving digital marketing outcomes. 

“Verizon Media is eager to work with PubPlus, the most recent industry-driving associate who has focused on a better quality of Verizon Media Ad platforms product mix and customer service to drive advertiser performance, scale, and ROI,” said Thomas Brennan, chief of Verizon Media Ad platforms associates growth.

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