Dear Publishers, stop providing your most cost-effective content to Facebook & Amazon

And once again, Facebook is making headlines for making promises of more money to its publishers and hire former journalists to grade its feed. This time the industry rose to never-ending debates of Facebook’s authenticity.

But Facebook is not alone in this breach. Amazon is also there with their Onsite Associate program. In Amazon associates, they request their publishers to update their most cost-effective product, which ultimately takes them to the

Are Publishers going to trust them again?
While reminiscing about the history of their treatment with the video creators on Prime Video, when they revised the old moves of the Google & Amazon and sliced out the actual returns of the real creators of content.

To save their future, the publisher must reminisce on their association on any platform. Publishers realized this ongoing trend while commencing paywalls as they have already a phenomenal development in this area. Few companies are utilizing publishers’ data to create models to generate revenue on other platforms apart from Facebook & Amazon.

Utilizing the data signals they own at their disposal, where publishers can access subscriptions properly, thus decreasing their belief in the arena of revenue. Though publishers have a lot of choices about their disposal, still they don’t think like modern digital brands. Publishers should explore all the opportunities they have and invest smartly to cut out the middlemen.

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