Podcorn Releases Self-Serve Podcast Advertising Platform

The platform utilizes machine learning to associate advertisers to appropriate podcasts. 

Podcorn, a marketplace where brands can interface with podcasters, has released a self-service platform that enables advertisers to make podcast advertisement campaigns dependent on spending plan, advertisement creative and podcasts that best line up with their brand.

Brands can join on Podcorn to create a campaign, and the platform will utilize its sponsorship diagram to coordinate the campaign with the “most appropriate” podcasters. “At the point when the two partners consent to the deal, the system sets up a virtual workroom for the project,” the firm said. 

Why we should mind 

Podcasts listenership keeps on developing, but the podcast advertising market is still incipient. There are more than 700,000 podcasters, but only 15% are getting income from their content, as indicated by a 2018 report from Hackernoon. 

Podcorn’s answer limits the space between podcasters needing to monetize their projects, and the advertisers prepared to contribute — enabling brands to run local podcast advertisement campaigns at scale. The firm says its machine learning controlled algorithm dissects campaign data alongside each podcaster’s sponsorship chart to decide the podcaster-advertiser connections that will generally demonstrate significant for the two parties. 

“Every podcaster has a one of a kind sponsorship diagram. We constructed the framework to come to an obvious conclusion to acquire setting about each podaster’s personality, content, and what our brands are searching for,” said Podcorn Co-organizer David Kierzkowski. 

More on the news 

  • Once a campaign is created, advertising reserves are kept retained during the campaign and freed after the completion of the project.
  • Brands from various industries — including gaming, wellness, fashion, B2B, entertainment and food — have just started contributing “many thousands” of dollars using the platform during the most recent three weeks, reports Podcorn. 
  • Podcorn was established by similar makers that created Famebit, a marketing platform that associated YouTube makers with brands that were purchased by Google in 2016.
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