Pinterest introduces ‘Shop the Look collections’ for brands to promote multiple items in a single mobile ad

Now advertisers are capable of displaying a maximum of four products in their new ad format.

On Monday, Pinterest released the news of soon to be launching “Shop the Look ads” especially for mobile advertising though the ads will not come out in the U.S over a couple of months.

Pinterest is also working on the layout of Business Profiles and even expanding its Shopping Ads and Catalogs for more countries.

Variety of Shop the Look ads

The upcoming ‘Shop the Look’ mobile ads are designed especially for the brands to display a maximum of four products from which a user can select it to buy from the website of the brand.

“This feature would help the retailers to feature more than one products in one single ad. Hence the Pinners would be able to discover more products related to the image of the Pin. Later they can click on it for checking the product out in retailer’s website,” confirms Pinterest on its newsroom blog.

Pinterest clarified that they had taken inspiration from the look of organic Shop pins where businesses can tag up to twenty-five of their items in a single image.

Brand’s official Profiles With new Shop tabs

Pinterest is also upgrading its display of Official brand profiles, wondering about bringing a brand’s “Pins and products upfront & centre.” Businesses will also be able to personalize their profile covers with an image or a video. The company has also added a committed ‘Shop tab’ for the users to let them browse products from the Brand’s Official Profile pages directly.

Lately, Pinterest has also upgraded messaging options on their Business Profile to provide ‘Feedback & quick customer support.’

Shopping Ads and Catalogs are available in various countries.

The Catalogs are an option where brands will be able to upload their full catalogue which will generate Shoppable Pins automatically from their catalogue’s content. But this facility will be available to exclusive advertisers only in France, Italy, Spain and Germany. And the Shopping Ads will also be available to these countries mentioned above.

Why is it necessary?

Pinterest has always been recognized as a platform for the discovery of valuable products, but their continuing aim for expanding ad opportunities as well as e-commerce options reflects real potential for the business.

Neustar has recently carried a research on search & social campaigns of five U.S. retail brands. They found that only 11% were assumed to be for Pinterest ads from the total media spend by the five brands where 18% of their excess revenue and sales came from Pinterest itself. Hence Pinterest Ads pulls around 2.3 times more effectively from other social media platforms.

And with the upcoming release of more features and ad products, the company is trying to reposition itself to make more money from advertising. Though how much it earns depends on the performance of the campaigns and how good Pinterest can turn out to be while competing with other social media ad formats.

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