Pinterest introduces “Emoji Reactions” & Chat option to Group Boards

In the meantime, as Facebook has already bear the alleged pain of copying the stories feature from the snapchat. But, people don’t seem to have noticed that others have also copied a few features from Facebook too.

Facebook’s emoji ‘Reactions’ tool was launched in 2016 and until now it has been copied by LinkedIn, tested by Twitter and now being reused by Pinterest

The example shows you the Pinterest’s new feature, especially for its group boards. This has been solely designed to maximise engagement and enhance user interaction on the platform.

Apart from that, users will be allowed to sort their Pins in the group boards based on reactions and comments. They will also be able to check the time when it was pinned.

Pinterest has been doing this for a while now and enhancing its group board options. Pinterest added new features to make the platform more engaging with more user participation. The company is also dwelling on taking a step further and releasing a chat facility to its group collections.

Though it is like taking a step back and routing to the Pinterest social platform which they can not conclude for years now. Earlier, Pinterest used more dedicated to its connection and engagement on its boards like suggesting things you would be interested in. But, as it has moved more into e-commerce and left all those elements behind.

Pinterest is the only social platform who have more focussed event planning and product discussion powered with direct engagement and display.

And the reason behind the inspiration of these additions is due to the small size of the group boards. According to Pinterest, 98% of the Group Boards have only five or fewer people sharing, and rest of 77% are in between two people only. It means that this tool is not about social engagement but product engagement only.

Pinterest is an innovative platform in which they have just added a feature. And if it proves popular in the future, we should also find some Reactions filter out to other parts of the app.

Pinterest’s sorting & reaction tool for the group boards are already available on the latest version of the app. But the group board chat will be released soon.

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