Piano Releases Piano Zero, a DMP Solution

Piano Zero is the main start to finish solution that gathers, manages, and monetizes zero-and first-party data. 

London: Piano, a subscription, customer experience, and data management technology provider with more than 300 significant media customers, today declares Piano Zero, a start to finish solution that engages zero-and first-party data and empowers GDPR and CCPA compliance. 

Piano Zero consolidates the worth exchange and personality management tools expected to boost and procure zero-party data and consent, with a first-party DMP to make segments and lookalikes — making a full arrangement of start to finish capacities that will enable media organizations in the new data landscape. Meanwhile, publishers can, in any case, utilize Piano to execute third-party data, cookie matching, and various technologies as long as they still exist, besides the zero-party data that is much more important to advertisers. 

“There has been an emotional change in perspective in the business, and the most recent Chrome third-party cookie news has tossed everybody into a frenzy,” said Piano Chief Executive Officer Trevor Kaufman. “But, our perspective at Piano is that change is welcome and that there’s no reason for concern. Actually, with the right tools set up, media organizations specifically are in a perfect situation to profit by the progressions around data use. 

“Piano Zero is the consequence of time of improvement. Contrasted with Piano Zero, other DMPs just offer incomplete solutions. While they may have a large number of the equivalent DMP capacities, none can give the capacity to gather user data and drive engagement and transformations similarly,” Kaufman said. 

Google’s declaration in January that they would end Chrome’s help for third-party cookies within the following two years is only the most recent news intended to provide users more authority over their online privacy. Reacting to doubts around data security and worries about being followed over the web, Safari and Firefox have just begun blocking third-party cookies and controllers in Europe, and the US is forcing stricter data security guidelines like GDPR and CCPA. These progressions mean the online advertising ecosystem is additionally changing and will be remade around privacy, consent, and user control. 

For media organizations, data unequivocally provided by users will be necessary for achieving that. This significant zero-party data — which can incorporate details like an email address and name, sex, age or pay rounded out in an enlistment structure, or inclination choices on a settings page — can be utilized close by understood first-party data like perusing conduct on a site or application, content utilization preferences, area, gadget and time of day, to drive publishers’ progressing endeavors. 

The two data types additionally have extraordinary worth in making user portions for marketing or advertisement targeting. Also, Piano Zero is the main DMP that can convey a bound together, platform way to deal with gathering zero-and first-party data, characterizing audience sections, and utilizing them in the advertising environment. 

“We accept the main reasonable user data source, later on, will be from enrolled, consenting people,” Kaufman said. “And, Piano is the worldwide pioneer in boosting user activity, with the biggest datastore in the realm of how content and messaging on media websites impact conduct. Combining that into an individual platform that also satisfies all publisher audience segmentation requirements is exclusive in the market.”

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