Personalisation Creates a Rich Customer Experience:Sandeep Chaudhary,Co-Founder at ADOHM.#MartechMonday

1. Which are the best Martech tools that you can suggest for a business?

The answer to this question entirely depends on the nature of business and its functions. There are many tools out there in the world which can be used for marketing purposes these days. Since automation and personalisation is the new buzz in the area I believe our software ADOHM is one of its kind which can perform multiple functions like launching and managing ad campaigns on multiple platforms from a single platform, an integrated sales CRM which help optimises ad campaigns based on the data that is received through the campaigns, a chatbot functionality wherein you can make your own chatbot and integrate it on your website and Finally, Google My Business where you can manage your business profile end to end. There are many great tools out in the market like Salesforce – a great CRM, Hootsuite – for social media management, Marketo – for Marketing Automation needs, etc. but ADOHM is one tool that can help you with all the needs and help the companies to achieve their marketing objectives

2. What are the metrics/KPI’s that you consider as most important?

Metrics depend upon the kind of marketing activity that one puts in place now for e-g if a social media marketing campaign is being launched across Facebook and Instagram the number of people engaging with the campaign becomes an important metric. However, those are just the superficial metrics while to study the success of the company one needs to rely on the metrics like break-even analysis, payback period and certain traditional ones. I believe the following metrics are the most important metrics as it presents a clear picture about the performance of a company – 

  • Client – Solution Accuracy
  • End to end Optimisation on each touchpoint.
  • Revenue – Reducing Cost per Acquisition
  • Growth – m-o-m
  • Retention of our customers 

3.What Marketing channels plays major role in a marketing strategy?

See in today’s day and age there’s not just one or two channels that can be highlighted because it’s a rapidly changing world, the audience you want to target will be using one channel for a moment and the very next they switch so there’s nothing permanent. However, social media platforms stay relatively more prominent amongst all the channels.

4. Why Customer data is Important for personalisation in marketing?

Personalisation in literal sense means to adapt a product/service to a particular person’s needs, so in order to do that one needs to know about the customer as to what are the needs and preferences what are the likes and dislikes of the customer such that a personalized product can be provided with. Personalisation helps create a rich customer experience and without the customer data to back it up you would never know what kind of customers you should market what aspect of your product/services.

5. How marketing automation works in adding value to your business?

Marketing automation is our business the product that we offer to our clients runs on certain algorithms which helps the marketers to automate the redundant tasks that they used to perform and hence put more of their time in decision making. The biggest advantage of automation and a very attractive one is “saving time”. It minimises your turnaround time for various tasks that were once done manually and in turn helps decrease the time of your sales cycle. Overall, it helps you to focus more on fine-tuning your marketing strategies.

6. Which Marketing technologies work best in customer acquisition and engagement?

I would say ADOHM is a great platform when it comes to managing your campaigns to your leads and your business profile but other platforms that I think are great in terms of customer acquisition and engagement are Google Adwords and Taboola.

7. What type of Martech Strategies will you suggest for a business?

Automation for sure, and also one of the strategies would be attribution, there are so many campaigns that are run on different channels promoting different content for the same product to a variety of audiences. We now want to find as many details as possible of the best-performing channels and the best attribution points.

8. What are the major benefits of adopting martech into businesses?

A better understanding of the consumer trends, better scalability for the business and marketing technology helps in better utilisation of the marketing resources that are available at hand. All this resulting in more time being able to invest elsewhere and also adopting latest martech would help a company to stay ahead of the competition in these competitive times.

About the Author :

Sandeep Chaudhary is the Product Research Head of ADOHM and brings with himself an experience of 11 years, he has the prowess to handle any kind of marketing and advertising strategy. He is the Strategist of the company and is the driving force behind the success of the organisation. He has worked with major players in the Real Estate and Healthcare industry. He has been the part of the core team in conceptualising and developing ADOHM. He is a progressive business strategist who delivers result with dedication, his goal being to develop oneself in life and all those who worked with him.

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