Alexa Keeps Its User Recordings Endlessly Confirms By Amazon

Privacy is the primary concern for most of us. With technology developments, people are in contact with a list of social media sites and other digital media gadgets. Every day people use a list of devices and social media sites and exchange information with the people, which creates an ample of data every day. Chris … Read more

Reason For Brands To Refocus On The Efficiency Of Creativity

Creativity is something which makes you unique from the rest of the world. That’s what people are interested in. The brands who display creative optimization in their work experience better business results. McKinsey’s Award Creativity Score, which measures plenty of Cannes Lions awards won, range of categories and consistency for a period of time, found … Read more

Facebook Following Twitter, Ranking Comments to Ensure the Time Spent on Facebook is the Quality Time

It’s not only the twitter who are learning from their experience from its app and making changes accordingly. Facebook following the same principle to enhance their user experience and proving that the time spent on a Facebook post is the quality time they spent. Last week, Facebook declared that they are working on the fact … Read more

Google Rules for YouTube ads ‘Don’t go a Long Way’

Google introduced new Youtube ad rules to clean spammy content from sites and to resolve the ongoing issues related to brand safety. Google update imposed a new rule on the type of videos that generate ad revenue, in addition to these, it introduces a new review method according to Google. It also promised to provide … Read more