Mozilla to restrain third-party tracking cookies & cryptomining from it’s browser by default

Mozilla Firefox declared through a blog post that from now on they would block third-party tracking cookies and cryptominers by default among all the users all over the world. In the ‘Standard’ settings section this ‘Enhanced Tracking Protection’ will be turned on as default setting. But, still the users will have the choice to turn it off for specific websites. Amba Kak, Mozilla’s Public Policy Advisor for India, said: “The users have to update their Firefox browsers to make use of Enhanced Tracking Protection feature”.Firefox users need to update their browsers to version 69 in order to enable this feature, added the Verge.

Enhanced Tracking Protection will be available in default mode to the new users, whereas the existing users can turn it on. As per the company, this aspect will forbid companies to create a user profile by tracking user’s activities and interest while surfing throughout the internet without the user’s consent. Later this information will be used or sold for several reasons, and the user will have no clue about that. Far more Mozilla has confirmed that lately, 20% of the user has already adopted this brand new feature.

Back in April Firefox also introduced a feature called “Firefox Nightly” where user can block fingerprinting and cryptomining by turning the option.

Later Firefox explained that “Cryptominers tend to operate expensive operation on your Web browser and use your CPU’s power to generate cryptocurrency for others’ utility without your knowledge. And these scripts drain your battery, raise your electricity bill and slow down your computer.” So this powerful feature will be available in the ‘Standard mode’ right in the content blocking preferences of the user.  

“Facebook Container” an add-on to restain facebook from sniffing user activities on the web.

Previous year the company has also introduced a new add-on called “Facebook Container”. This feature was started to help the users seclude the use of facebook from rest of their surfing activities on the browser. As a result, Facebook is confined to collect and gather data about user preferences and behaviour and prevents them from targeting their ads and other kinds of stuff.  

As the user install this extension on their browser, it starts deleting all the Facebook cookies and logs out the user from the current session. Right after that, Facebook will be opened in a blue-coloured tab or “container” where the user needs to sign in to continue.

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