Mozilla Planning to Launch Ad-Free News Subscription Service for $5

Mozilla a free software company, who developed an open source browser platform Firefox, is provoking an ad-free news subscription service option for the audience at $5 per month, proposing ad-free browsing, cross-platform concurring of news articles from multiple websites.

As if now, they are grabbing the attention of the audience and till now it’s not clear when this service will going to launch.

In the past, Mozilla shared its plan with the audience of launching a partnership based subscription service along with a news subscription start-up referred to as Scroll, The verge stated on Friday.

Till now, Scroll is still in its beta state and didn’t open registrations, but the company states to provide ad-free access to a range of websites which includes- BuzzFeed, Gizmodo media group properties, Slate and Vox Media sites.

In the month of June, a senior executive uncovered the fact that the company aimed to launch subscription services inside of Firefox this October.

The company already started working on it by testing a Virtual Private Network( VPN) service since 2018.

To our knowledge, Apple is also coming into the race by starting a news subscription service referred to as “Apple News Plus” which will cost $10 per month, which provides subscriber access to a wide range of news.

 Even though Apple has a global reach, the service conversion is going at a slow rate.

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