Media channels need to marry the marketing objectives from the technology perspective:Gagan Uppal,Director of strategic partnerships at TheTechVantage.#MartechMonday

1. Which are the best MarTech tools that you can suggest for a business?

When we talk about MarTech tools, there are unlimited, Most probably it depends on the type of industry you’re employed in. We majorly focus on analysing the various tools to connect with the audience. As for as concerning to us, we use –

  • Slack for day-to-day communication between the teams. 
  • Prosperworks (Copper) for data management and efficiency tracking

Similarly, we use many other tools for functioning and analysing of various tasks in our daily schedules for accomplishing business goals.

2. What are the metrics/KPI’s that you consider as most important?

These are primary metrics that you must consider like-

  • Qualified customer data is the primary factor that helps you to get better customer insights and their needs so that we can take future steps accordingly. 
  • To analyse progress or worth of what we are doing, you should keep an eye on investments and their returns.
  • User journey across the various stages in the sales funnel.

3. What Marketing channels plays a major role in a marketing strategy?

Whatever the marketing channel you choose, it should convey the right message to the audience at the right time. Depending on the business needs, the marketing strategies vary to engage with the audience. Here the most important thing to keep in mind is to design or select the strategy keeping client goals in mind. At various stages of the client journey, like-

  • While selecting the media channels for awareness (Paid and Non-Paid)
  • Retail or e-commerce strategy
  • Customer connect
  • Retention strategy
  • Distribution

You must take A/B testing approach, so that you may not miss at any point.

4. Why Customer data is Important for personalisation in marketing?

Personalised marketing is a huge trend this year. Thanks to the rapid technological advancements, we have access to far more information than ever before. Daily marketers confront with an ample of content produced from the customers, but they are providing partial information. There is simply no way for them to focus equally on every single piece of content they find unless the content they find is personalised.

But in global markets like the US and UK, personalised communication is becoming a bad word. It is considered as intrusive, and also the audience feels that brands and platforms are exploiting the collected data for monetisation.

5. How marketing automation works in adding value to your business?

Marketing automation helps the brands to carry out business operations, empowering teams to concentrate on challenging tasks which need a precise level of customer insights. Marketing automation helps brands to focus on a customer journey. The brand can connect with future customers throughout the marketing funnel stages from: Identifying target audience >> Awareness >> consideration >> sale >> post-sale.

6. Which Marketing technologies works best in customer acquisition and engagement?

These are the driving marketing technologies that can help in building customer acquisition and engagement-

  • Content marketing
  • Hyper location targeting
  • Programmatic
  • Retargeting
  • Personalised email marketing solutions
  • Influencer marketing

7. What type of MarTech Strategies will you suggest for a business?

Media channels need to marry the marketing objectives from the technology perspective. If Ad Tech and MarTech platforms marry each other, that will help brands to have more control over the roadmap and automate workflows with huge cost saving. That is the best MarTech strategy for any business.

8. What are the major benefits in adopting MarTech into businesses?

MarTech has given hope for marketers to meet the customer demands of this era. It benefits the brands and marketers in various ways. Some of them are-

  • Helps to understand the customer journey and lifecycle.
  • Categorise your customers into various segments to scale your marketing spends and measure ROAS (Return on Advertising spends).
  • Customer retention and increasing loyalty towards the brand.

About the Author:

Gagan Uppal on the surface, a digital expert with more than 11 years of successful experience. He’s one of the top 100 professionals advocating blockchain. Currently, he is a director of strategic partnerships at the TechVantage. He has a proven ability to learn and implement the same. He is creative and can deliver solutions in the online platform, which are apt and innovative. He always a team player with a great skill to analyse and summarise ideas. His specialities lie entirely in- Start-up, Mobile monetisation, digital evangelist, business development, & conceptualisation on all digital things. He was responsible for generating revenue. In his career, he held decision-making position at AdsDax and managerial positions for companies India Today Group, Times, Internet Limited., and Zenga Media.

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