Implementing Martech in business is Key to success : Ravi Vaka, Co-Founder of TruePush #MartechMonday.

Ravi Vaka ,Co-founder of TruePush talks on importance of Martech in businesses and how Truepush is implementing martech to project its own identity.

Q) What Impact do you think will AI & Machine learning will bring to the Marketing Industry?

AI and ML helps marketers with deeper knowledge of consumers and prospective clients and help them in delivering right message to the right person at right time. Ex: Chat bots or even providing right information on search engine etc.

Q) How important do you think personalisation is in the present marketing scenarios?

Very important. You win as a brand if you’re able to send the right message to right person at right time.

Q) What do you think, would be the future of marketing?

More accurate metrics will continue to emerge, as personalisation will take the center stage.

Q) How do you thinking automation can help the marketing strategy?

With Automation as a marketing strategy, you can tailor every interactive based on customer data to create contextual and seamless customer journeys throughout every brand’s touch point. Example AI based Chatbots

Q) What are the important metrics/KPIs for your business in Marketing?

Number of signups, Number of notifications sent daily, Number of people integrating our code vs Signups. And Metrics related to it.

Q) How do you measure your success? Metrics you track and Goals you set up

We’ve built dashboards internally to measure success for our Truepush

Q) What Martech tools do you use in your Marketing Strategy?

  • Email Marketing tools like Mixmax and Saleshandy.
  • HootSuite for Social media Management.
  • CRM tools like Zendesk and Freshchat.
  • Adtech tools like Google Adwords.
  • Communication Tools like Trello.
  • Other tools like Grammarly,Google Keep, SmallSeoTools, Keyword Planner, Google PageSpeed Insights are always helpful

Q) What marketing channels are must in your marketing strategy?

A good looking website with adequate information should always be on top of our agenda. Consistent optimization of website( using blogs) helped us in bringing in more organic searches. Article submission on various websites with good domain authority is the most underrated strategy. This helped us in improving our DA which in turn helped in improving our rankings. Social proofing is another high quality activity and our reviews on various product discovery websites helped us building product credibility.

Q) Marketing Channel vs. Marketing content which do you focus more and why?

Both. Marketing channels help is to maximize the awareness of the product. Marketing channel helps us maximizing product reach as we never know where our audience are. Marketing content helps us delivering right message and to retain our clearly defined audience, hence drive customer action.

Q) How do you keep yourself ahead of the competition?

It is important to know who your competitor are and the good things they have been doing to win their customers. Since we were the last entrants, we have to show differentiation in terms of making a product which had slightly more user friendly (adding more bells and whistles) with a rock star support to back it up. Also, our free-forever strategy helped us cut the competition and helped in becoming one of most preferred push notifications tool in the market.

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