Marketing is all about Authentic Storytelling, Ankoor Dasguupta,VP-Brands&Special projects at SHEROES.#MartechMonday

1. How do you define Marketing and Technology in your business terms?

Marketing to me is an aggregation of continuous experiences and learnings to predict consumer behavior to be in the moment as much possible and a discipline to augmenting revenue and growth efficiently along with encompassing connect and embracing change as key drivers. Evolving technology is the key to unlock three things, data-driven decision making, the pace and to measure the marketing initiatives better.

2.How important the customer data in your brand Marketing? And Why?

Data Analytics industry has grown considerably over the past five years, reason being to survive in today’s competitive landscape of burgeoning advertising, marketers must break down silos across channels to consolidate data for seeing a unified view of the customer. This helps to respond to customer needs better. Data transcends marketing as the chief of parameters to make multi-touch attribution a success story every time. Studying different personas and the gap between stimulus and response, data is the key driver for any brand marketing strategy.

3.Advertising or Marketing? Which brings you more business?

These two cannot operate stand-alone. The best way to look at a business perspective is both advertising and marketing handholding each other along with data science and technology. Moreover, today it is all about authentic storytelling that works. Embracing the essence of the word ‘authentic’ is I believe what is required in every initiative.

4.What Plays a major role in Marketing- Marketing Channel or Marketing Content and Why?

Depending on the marketing channel – should be the content. This helps in optimizing audience outreach. Today, there is a lot of pressure in generating and curating content of various kinds depending on the ‘Mindspace’ of the consumer. For. e.g. today, OTT takes a massive share of consumer mindspace. So, in a country like India, drilling down one level, even vernacular becomes a priority in content. In tandem, it is important to be relevant and contextual while not just burgeoning your consumer with messaging.

5. Which are the best Martech tools that you can suggest for a business?

This will entirely depend on the nature of the business and also the business functions. The thing is not to have the best tool but understanding what is best for that specific business function. If a company chooses to go for digital transformation, it will depend on what do they want to transform, how do they see the potential positive impact while also identifying any new challenges. Moreover, it is also to do with the ‘processes’ that make a tool successful in execution. In general, a robust CRM (e.g. Salesforce), cloud-based collaboration software (e.g. Slack), Marketing automation tool (e.g. Marketo) Data Management Platform (e.g. Lotame) and a tool that integrates your social media messaging (e.g. Hootsuite) does it. Though, it is important to scrutinize how much percentage of a particular problem a tool is solving for you. For instance, if an in-house capability could be built for a long-term solution. Also, it is more to do with the right teams in place first before the right tools. Choosing the tools may be slightly easier than building the right teams.

6. Data-driven marketing. How data-driven marketing impacts overall marketing ecosystem?

One of the key challenges here is an integrated view of offline and online marketing initiatives while being cognizant of the scope of improvement in attribution. There always is! For e.g. when you run a “conventional” off-line marketing campaign, you must keep in mind separate feedback tools like surveys or external questionnaires to determine the consumer response to the stimulus. The one word that has helped the overall martech landscape in data-driven marketing is ‘personalization’, which is consumer-first marketing. This has also helped many brands in being in-the-moment. For tailor-fitting unique business models from consumer and attribution perspective, data-driven marketing approach including statistical modelling such as regression analysis at the right time gives shape to Minimum Viable Product as it all starts with estimating the relationships among variables.

About Ankoor Dasguupta

Ankoor brings with him 19 years through the spectrum of marketing and advertising across functions in print, digital, mobile, events along with a strong C-Suite network and believes in the power of Energy, Energize, Community and Network Effect. A learner, coach and trainer, Ankoor has been part of the core launch teams of conceptualizing and producing multiple international IPs in India and is an avid writer and active speaker and a part of the grand jury at various forums. Ankoor has also done a guest lecture at NIT Trichy. Recognized as an Ace by DMA Asia in 2018, Ankoor hails from Delhi with education from Delhi University, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Dale Carnegie and ISB. Ankoor is with working with the SHEROES family from past two years.

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