Marketing channels gives you a In depth analysis of your audience:Gourav Sharma, Co-Founder at Crazy media labs.#MartechMonday

1.Which are the best Martech tools that you can suggest for a business?

There are a lot of tools, and those tools depend upon industry to industry and category to category. If I talk about digital category, we majorly depends upon a lot of analytical tools, the tools starts for analyzing the audience which come and serves me, the tools which are for daily management, there are tools for audience behaviour and performances, We generally use/maintain Salesforce for our management, Google tools, Comscore, few advertising tools like Google ads, Google analytics for tracking, Google Input tools. We also use few content analyzing tools like Online word count and a lot of video analyzing and image analyzing tools. So, It all depends upon the functionality.

2.What are the metrics/KPI’s that you consider as most important?

The first basic major KPI/metrics that every digital company focuses is Visitors-How many visitors are coming on our site, how many are returning users and how many are new users that were adding regularly, What is the organic traffic that coming and referral and so on. Based on this regular analytics tracking, I can easily work on my next subsequent goal for traffic acquisition and engagement.

3.What Marketing channels plays major role in a marketing strategy?

Majorily It all depends upon Media consumption patterns of the audiences. It varies right from a Newspaper to a media channel to a TV channel and to a digital company. The major marketing channels are those which give you an in-depth analysis of your audience, which build a strong connection with your audiences and which helps you forecast your audience with better-organized way.

4.Why Customer data is Important for personalization in marketing ?

Nowadays, the digital space is giving much more personalized data when compared to other media, wherein you are assigned to an IP and based upon your IP’s behaviour you can make analysis for the larger audience. Personalized communication has no spill over, whereas other types of communication has at least 30 to 40% spillover.

5.How marketing automation works in adding value to your business?

Marketing Automation automates repetitive tasks, thus increases your effectiveness and also channelizes your entire marketing efforts in a cohesive way to meet your marketing objectives with minimum spillover . Also marketing automation works like the essential fuel which you need to kick start any new project, innovate in any greenfield project or consolidate on the project to make better ROI efforts. It helps as a great deal to keep your input/research desk full with a lot of insights to work upon and make better forecasts to meet management goals

6.Which Marketing technologies works best in customer acquisition and engagement ?

There are much more performance-based activities to acquire your target audience. We have to find, analyze and use the best martech tools that help to bring in a fully scoped customer. So, Marketing technologies like Google analytics, Comscore, Google Adsense are few that works best for a digital company in acquiring and engaging the customers.

7.What type of Martech Strategies will you suggest for a business?

Now, marketing strategies depends upon business to business. If it is a for a product sale, we need to have a performance-driven marketing strategy, if it is a content-we need to plan a strategy in such a way that his/her buying behaviour can be analyzed with a piece of data/information.

8.What are the major benefits in adopting martech into businesses?

Major benefits are :

  • Better Control on your business
  • Better and organized MIS control for your managerial decisions
  • Better Forecasting and effective planning
  • Better controlling and managing your targeted budget
  • Channelizing your entire energy and workforce in an effective and fruitful manner

About the Author:

Gourav is a industry veteran with a rich experience of over 17 years in the digital space,building and nurturing 5 web 3.0 News Media products.
He has Deep understanding of Media internet space, experience in launching new products and nurturing them for growth with Proven experience in internet advertising with strong knowledge of display advertising, platforms, marketplace management, search advertising. First-hand experience of dealing with large advertisers at CEO / CMO level and  Extensive relationships with all the key stakeholders in the Internet ecosystem . In his glorifying career he has worked with , , CNN-IBN , Amar Ujala ,  The Hindu , Jagran Group , Patrika Group in Leadership Capacity and currently wears an Entrepreneur hat for the past 5 years as a Co-Founder of Crazy Media Labs which owns 8 Digital Products under its Umbrella Brand.

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