Marketing automation is a backbone for Marketing programs:Diptarup Chakraborti,CMO at Zycus.#MartechMonday

1.Which are the best Martech tools that you can suggest for a business?

If you see, there are basic tools and some advanced tools in it. So, I would say that First martech tool that will be mostly used are Salesforce-CRM tool and there should be a Marketing automation tools like Eloqua, Marketo,, and then analytics like Google analytics or if you have better Investment you can use analytic tools like Clicko,Tableau[Majorly for data visualization in analytics]. For search engine optimization and search engine marketing, you can use tools like SEMrush, Buffer which will help you in social media operations and seo/sem operations. Post that, you can come to personalization-where in you have various personalization and intent marketing tools like Demandbase, Engagio,.Then comes, tools for Marketing ROI Measurement-there are tools like Datarama, Allocadia.Then, we have tools for A/B testing[ basically for testing which mail headline working &which is not working]like wingify,web engage.So, these are a particular set of tools that I can suggest for a business and its marketing journey.

2.What are the metrics/KPI’s that you consider as most important?

There are basic Metrics that we need to consider all the time. One is leads that come in to picture, Website visitors that we have, Measuring Revenue growth, Revenue Cycle, How marketing contributing to the pipeline for the revenue growth, How much revenue can be confidently forecast for the current and future quarter in terms of marketing, What accounts represent the largest contribution to revenue and how does a marketing budget engage them and then Growth metrics like Customer retention rate, Transfer of customer loyalty in to account growth, Relative market share, Industry benchmark analysis. Other Metrics like Opportunities that created in our sales stage, Its velocity for converting to next stage, Pipeline value, Conversion rates and effectiveness,Efficiency of marketing campaigns, Cost of customer acquisition, Time to marketing qualified lead, Time to sales qualified lead and so on and so far.

3.What Marketing channels play a major role in a marketing strategy?

We are living in a world of Omnichannel marketing; it depends upon what type of business you are in.So, Taking it as B2B business, the best marketing channels would be Websites,Emails, Webinar,Events,Online conferences,Videos, Social media engagements and Account-based marketing.

4.Why Customer data is Important for personalisation in marketing?

It’s simple,the more I know about the customer, the more I can personalize my content. It’s like this-what is the best way of communication that you have with anybody is that when you know the person completely.The more about the person, the context, Who he is, what he likes, his dislikes, What time he visits the website,etc.. all this data makes the content more impactful because of personalization. It is like this, when you go to a restaurant, somebody at entry wishes you with a welcome and thanks to you for coming. That’s personalization, imagine if a technology can enable that.

5.How marketing automation works in adding value to your business?

Marketing automation is a backbone on which marketing programs works. In Today’s scenario, you have a lot of data being created and measured,analysed.Without the marketing automation tools, you cannot do justice to the data that you gather. Not only for analyse and to get insights from it but also to take the next corrective action. It Helps in Making marketing programs most accurate, More targeted, More impactful, More personalized and manages high volume campaigns without having to stress your team out.

So, marketing automation basically what it does is: Optimises Marketing Process, Amplifies the impact of any marketing program and allows you to measure,get insights from any marketing program in much better manner. That is how the Marketing automation process and its tools helps in adding value to the business.

6.Which Marketing technologies works best in customer acquisition and engagement

For customer acquisition, there are tools related to personalization, account-based marketing like Engagio,demand base and simple Google display networks. For engagement,there are various methodologies like social media tools,web engagement tools, A/B testing tools, email automation tools like Netcore, Sendgrid.

7.What type of Martech Strategies will you suggest for a business?

Strategies- The following are the main strategies.

  • Need to Know the audience, who are your target
  • What context you are targeting
  • What is the Objective-We need to have Objective to pursue and its measure against.
  • How would you take corrective actions of the marketing campaigns

8.What are the major benefits in adopting martech into businesses?

Martech-It automates the process; It helps you analyse and get insights in a better manner. It amplifies the impact of a marketing program.It allows to define a crisis and check them what is the last decimal points. These are the core benefits that Martech offers

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