Majestic’s upgraded tool offers a lot of meaningful context on backlinks

All the links are not made equal.  We all are aware that Majestic offers more than just insight into actual content about why and where the link shows up.

Digging deep into it.Last week the company confirmed the enhancement which would allow SEO’s to find in-depth links. The tool methodize web pages into 40 segments and offers viewing into where the backlinks actually show up on the page, what could of text are around them plus the density of external & internal link.

This function simply finds the more essential links as well as the new linking prospects.

The new abilities let the SEO to

  • Find every backlinks to a domain where any keyword is used around the text.
  • Find out “DoFollow” links which can be found on the top of 20% web pages.
  • Find links that are bundled tightly with another link, so expected to be spam directory listings.
  • Find links on high-value pages which do not contain various other external links.

The tool provides several ways to search, sort and filter data to the point and fantastic outcomes.

Link Context visualization

Majestic’s link context chart provides a display of all the information a user seeks for. Below in graphics, a study of five different types of sites have been shown. The Blue Bars indicate internal links and the yellow one shows external links. The green box defines from where the link shows up on the page.

Why is it necessary?

Apart from being just an essential auditing tool, the upgrades make it more worthwhile and an important tool for link building.

The video below reflects an entire outline and virtual tour of the product by Dixon Jones. A thorough guide about the new features and detailed description is also available in the form of .pdf.

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