LinkedIn Practice to Better Serve Their Users using a Modified LinkedIn Algorithm

Have you heard this news? Your LinkedIn feed will not show you something which you’re not interested in.

Generally, people’s LinkedIn feed is covered with cat videos, motivational quotes, and something which they’re not interested in having a look at it.

To your knowledge, LinkedIn has changed its LinkedIn algorithm to showcase better conversations and posts in user news LinkedIn feed.

The company making use of the maxim of ”know people, & like-minded people’ as its framework.

Also, the company describes, its motto is to filter the posts, for this is removing all the stuff which doesn’t generate any interest in the user and keep only stuff which users are interested in.

LinkedIn algorithm is working on prioritization rule to serve post in the user LinkedIn feed by filtering through direct interactions, direct connections, such as – people with a common interest, co-workers and same experiences. It also considers common groups & pages and hashtags.

The practice of the company to enhance its user experience will not work; it takes two to tango.

For this, LinkedIn suggested its users with some practices such as use no more than three hashtags and added no more than five other users in a post if you want to avoid becoming a spammer.

The key to getting success in this is to depend on both the company and the users.

“Authenticity is key,” wrote Pete Davies, getting relevant posts and having a better conversation with the people leads to build a stronger community and connection.

In March, LinkedIn released a report which examined how marketers could influence customer decisions throughout the buying process.

The study argued that people are more inclined towards digital buying process and the LinkedIn feed for purchase was reducing.

For this reason, the marketers have to affirm themselves faster, by knowing their audience, engaging and communicating in familiar buyer communities.

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