LinkedIn releases a New Guide on Objective-Based Advertising

Last year when it was launched, LinkedIn released its Objective-Based Advertising features for more regions.

Just like Facebook’s ad function, the objective-based approach counsels the decisions of the advertiser. It works by letting them choose their supreme objective first for their campaigns. After that, when you have set up a goal, LinkedIn’s system focuses the key ad formats and features which would serve the best to your goal.

It’s an essential modification on LinkedIn’s ad feature. It will help marketers manage their update this week as LinkedIn has released a new guide for ‘objective-based advertising’. This guide is a detailed study of each element of how to make the most out of your options.

This guide contains tables which demonstrate how every objective syncs with LinkedIn ad formats and gives you a clear idea of how the objective-based feature works.

Here’s an outline of each & every objective seems to be optimized within the system:

Apart from just the general outlines, LinkedIn has also set a range of particular notes available on each objective. The objectives also include tips and tricks to seek better results.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“From front to back, the LinkedIn Objective-Based Advertising Guide is built to equip you for success with every aspect of your campaigns. Whether you’re focused on growing brand awareness, driving website traffic or conversions, boosting engagement, garnering video views, generating leads, or all of the above, OBA offers a streamlined path to making it happen on the world’s largest global community of professionals.”

It’s a collection of great ideas if you really want to utilize LinkedIn for advertising, or if you are wondering whether it would be worthwhile adding it into your digital marketing strategy in 2020, then should definitely go for it.

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