Lightspeed Introduces Omnichannel Retail Solution in Switzerland 

Pioneering worldwide POS software distributer, Lightspeed draws an integrated retail solution to the new European market for simplified offline and online shopping experience.

Lightspeed, a head supplier of point of sale software, solutions and help networks to over 51,000 independent retail and café areas around the world, reported the accessibility of its Omnichannel product in Switzerland. Retailers over this nation would now be able to offer their customers a durable and compelling shopping experience both ain offline and online mode.

Following the July 2019 securing of iKentoo, a Switzerland-based POS solutions supplier, Lightspeed expands its quality in Switzerland with this Omnichannel offering for retailers in both French (accessible now) and German (coming this November) languages. With the iKentoo procurement, 40 staff joined Lightspeed’s worldwide group as it enters new markets around the world.

“As we develop in Switzerland following the obtaining of iKentoo, we are presently ready to give retail solutions and assist dealers with making progress to the cloud while driving forward an increasingly effective business,” said Dax Dasilva, Originator and CEO of Lightspeed. “This development of Omnichannel in Switzerland will give purchasers more noteworthy adaptability to shop how they like with an individual and streamlined system.”

How Lightspeed Omnichannel helps SMB retailers worldwide:

  • Spares time and builds effectiveness in quickly changing retail circumstances. 
  • Centralizes strategies, products, stock and client information.
  • Offers one single perspective on sales information and announcing.
  • Arrives at a more extensive objective gathering with multilingual contributions. 
  • Use social media to make extraordinary content, win new customers and generate a network.
  • Reaches a broader target group with multilingual offerings.
  • Gives a steady brand understanding over all channels and gadgets while building brand loyalty.
  • Expands sales turnover for an increasingly productive plan of action.

Besides Lightspeed’s development in Switzerland, it has additionally as of late reported the pending obtaining of Australia-based POS solutions supplier Kounta, underlining Lightspeed’s proceeded with the responsibility to turn into the worldwide pioneer in POS answers for SMB’s.

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