Jivox Comes-Out with a First-Party Identity Solution to Drive Ad Personalization

Hybrid cloud container innovation enables data assortment to dwell on a brand domain in the absence of third -party cookies.

With browsers taking action against third-party cookies, how do publicists convey customized digital ad creatives in a security and browser agreeable style? Jivox, a firm that spends significant time in powerful digital advertising way-outs, launched a new identity technology Monday that it says can do no more than that.

How it functions. The innovation called Jivox IQiD takes a page from the hybrid cloud idea to empower brands to gather, control and use the information without third-party cookies.

“We have been attempting to build up a way-out that considers third-party cookies would leave and that also clings to the privacy worries that are the cause that browsers are moving toward that path,” said Diaz Nesamoney, Founder and CEO, Jivox by telephone a week ago. “Our innovation enables the brand to gather agreed data as the first-party — basically as the brand’s domain to gather data to remain in conformity.” 

Hybrid cloud innovation isolates the code or software from the data, which is held and shielded by the business. Jivox considered that to be as an approach to address the third-party cookies issue, said Nesamoney. With Jivox IQiD, assortment, stockpiling and utilization of data located is on the firm’s space, while the personalization software runs in a public cloud, he clarified.

Data is gathered as a first-party when a shopper goes to a brand and agrees to market through their inclinations or movement, for example, looking on the site or purchasing something. The firm clarifies that the innovation “basically acts like a brand’s CRM framework.” The rest of the software that forces real-time personalization runs in the cloud.

Jivox IQiD is accessible as a major aspect of the Jivox IQ Enterprise version. To utilize the technology, advertisers permit the data assortment bit of the Jivox microservice software to execute on their brand websites.

Why we should mind. Browsers are progressively constraining or blocking access to third-party cookies to shield users from having their data gathered as they’re chased throughout the web. Apple Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) was first, presently, Firefox is blocking third-party cookies, and Google Chrome is moving toward that path. Fingerprinting, seen as another sort of quiet tracking, is additionally being blocked. Desmoney says Jivox IQiD isn’t a workaround that the browsers will inevitably close down, but a long haul solution gives brands a security approach to utilize their approved data. 

Brands can utilize the data it gathers in other marketing endeavours over digital display publicizing. Jivox helps in email and site personalization, and promoters can use the data to make custom audiences for Facebook campaigns, for instance.

Jivox SVP of Product and Engineering Shankar Venkataraman will show insights concerning the innovation on Tuesday at the IAB Tech Lab’s Innovation Day meeting during a session titled “No Cookies? Utilize Your First-Party Data to Drive Dynamic, inventive personalization.”

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