Issuu Launched a Story Ad Integration Tool for Facebook and Instagram

New Issuu story cloud highlight expands content velocity, empowering marketers and creators to simply transforms social media stories Into advertisements for Facebook and Instagram.

Palo Alto, CA: Issuu, publishing media, today declared an expansion to its Story Cloud group of arrangements with the release of Issuu Promote at the Adobe® MAX meeting in Los Angeles. Issuu Promote is a Story advertisement integration tool that empowers marketers and makers to transform brand-endorsed resources into social media Story designed ads. This start to finish highlight enables Stories for social ads to be made, introduced and oversaw directly from Issuu to advertisement service platforms, for example, Facebook and Instagram, extending the capacity to build once and share all over.

Presently, joined with the Adobe InDesign® expansion, Issuu is offering a first for sale to the market solution that enables users to generate and serve Facebook and Instagram Story-designed ads straightforwardly from InDesign. It allows creators to effectively design brand-endorsed resources into social-media Stories that can be distributed over any social platform to amplify reach and marketing capacities.

“The ascent of Stories over the web has driven new outreach opportunities for marketers. However, the expense and time related to making new promotion inventive are letting many out of the game,” said Joe Hyrkin, CEO of Issuu. “Issuu is lessening the complexity of making Story advertisements by enabling users to change over existing resources and empowering marketers to interface Google AdSense accounts and Facebook Business Manager with their Issuu account to make and oversee campaigns in an easy to use way.”

Since its release in June 2019, the Issuu Story Cloud has incorporated with Google Drive, Google AMP, Dropbox, and Adobe InDesign with the Adobe InDesign Plugin multiplying in downloads as of September 2019.

Issuu’s Story Cloud is a robust group of appropriation, disclosure and monetization way-outs that empower marketers and creators to change any sort of content (pictures, animations, articles or ads) into an expert quality social media story and share throughout social channels quickening their content velocity streams. It conveys incredible spreads and smooth scrolls in an assortment of configurations including articles, digital publications, site inserts, GIFS, and downloadable video stories resources for share on Apple News, Facebook Stories, WhatsApp, Instagram Stories, Twitter, Pinterest, Google AMP Stories, Snapchat Stories, and more.

“Our objective with InDesign is to make it simple for creatives to make and publish excellent structures through print and digital media,” said Wayne Hoang, Product Marketing Manager for InDesign of Adobe. “Creators are encountering with increasingly content requests and expanded turnaround times – also called content velocity. With the Issuu Promote integration with Adobe InDesign, creators and brands are engaged to proficiently make top-notch story advertisements with brand-endorsed resources that can be advanced over Facebook and Instagram.”

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