Human longs for human interactions, in a world full of AI and digital technologies

In today’s contemporary world, brands can’t overlook the relevance of human interaction.

As the cost of human capital is increasing like boom, so is the development of chatbot technology. And it is rather enticing for corporations to reserve efficiently while coming to their operational resources.

Though, AI has been proved to be cost-effective as it cuts down human works regularly. But the brands have forgotten that humans interactions are not repetitive. And in place of improving the customer service, chatbots have cut off the humans from the line of the equation, and it is not increasing more customers.

Lately, from a survey, it was retrieved that 25 % of the participants would like to spend three hours at DMV whereas 50% would line up in a queue to get their groceries than to deal with an automatic system. And all this just to avoid a not so friendly bot.

Some firms don’t need any end-to-end customer service team, as they can trust an AI technology in few unifying ways.

A bot can start an interaction and smoothly hand over to the human. This AI helps the human from behind, and these bots are operated under human supervision. A bot is useful for responding to consistent questions, but as a human reflecting emotions and complicate the situation, then it should be smoothly taken over by a human at that time.

While operating a customer service, businesses should forget humans longs for human interactions. And it also proved to be a benefit to utilizing tech to cut cost-to-serve and cater to the customer needs. Research shows that avoiding human interaction can be harmful to brands.

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