HubSpot joins hand with Supermetrics in addition with multi-portal analytics and reporting

This recent association will lend a hand to the marketers to analyse, access and report data through out the HubSpot portals.

Hubspot hopes that its association with the Marketing data engine Supermetrics will be beneficial to its users and will help them meet the reporting hurdles quickly. With the emergence of this brand new partnership, Hubspot users can analyse, access and report data from the HubSpot portal itself. Later the data can be imported from Excel, Google Sheets and Google Data Studio for viewing.

Why is it necessary?

The ‘manual’ processes require building isolated data which can be tiresome and mostly the confirmed end of the reporting strategy. The HubSpot users must combine their data with several other marketing data for cross-channel testing and reporting, which has now become more convenient after the association of the Supermetric’s data engine.

Maricarmen Vargas a digital account manager of Puerto Rico based marketing agency called Vuelo6 said that “We have many automated dashboards set up for our clients but, there was always something missing. Now with the Supermetrics’ HubSpot connector, we have been able to put the right pieces into the dashboards. This connector had helped us bridged the gap and what we say is “Operation Close the Loop”.

More from the Buzz

The latest association of Supermetrics and HubSpot partnership will provide massive access to the marketers and unlocks many option enhancements. As the Supermetric & Hubspot combo will help to

  • HubSpot marketing & sales data can be raised into one single spreadsheet/dashboard.
  • The performance of the whole conversion funnel can be measured, from closed customers to new visitors.
  • One can create custom automated reports in Google Data Studio that could refresh every day.
  • Incorporate data from various HubSpot Portals and generate a multi-account report.
  • Add other data from various marketing platforms like social, paid or web analytics tool with HubSpot data and draw an entire map of the marketing performance.
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