How to trace your traffic quality and upgrade conversions

Traffic quality is the heart of driving conversions

Assume you have a breakthrough of traffic from Facebook, which are hundreds and thousands of users but only a little part of them are converted.

All the moving parts in your funnel are functioning fine, and your website is also fast-loading. It has a perfect conversion copy as well as great sign-up forms.

But still, with all the above things in place, the rates from your breakthrough of traffic are negligible. And what could be the reason behind it?

Your source of traffic and nothing else.

How should you choose the right traffic source for your website?

If you now there are distinct sources of traffic with excellent conversion rates. And at the same time, you can find other traffic sources which could send you loads of visitors but no conversion drive at all.

The previous conversions are way more as they attract more related visitors or those visitors only for whom your copy is meant to be.

Therefore while driving conversions, the traffic quality has to be outstanding. This is where a conversion rate optimization (CRO) tool would be helpful to you. CRO enables you with the power to analyze your traffic and also identifies all your performing leads from best to worst.

And this is how they do it.

1. An automatic set-up option

Finteza, an analysis tool enables you to detect your funnels, attribute traffic and conversions respectively.

Like this, you’re capable of identifying all the things that are going into each conversion on your website.

Most of the analytics tools show where your website is while the conversion is going on and from where your sources are coming from. Until and unless you manually set them up to be more thorough about the happenings on your funnels. And about another page which helped in the conversion? Say, for example, before signing up for your whitepaper. The visitors pay a quick visit to your homepage. They did it to get a general idea about your website even before returning to convert on your whitepaper landing page.

Traditional tools, on the other hand, will only show that they came from your Facebook ad, for example, and converted.

The other traditional tools only display the visitors have come from your facebook, take for example and has been converted.

The process of conversion is gold, and it will display why and where your potential users are leaving your website. It also shows the exact percentage of your users who have left your user.

The above image gives you the impression of 1611 visitors happen to be on the page, and only 1 per cent have signed up.

In the above example it reflects that in your 8-step funnel, 32 per cent of the traffic that moved to the next level in the funnel at a given time, 26 per cent has moved to the next level, 5.6 per cent has moved to the third and so on. And in the process, only 0.9 per cent is converted.

This kind of funnel tracking shows the quality of the traffic sources. When 68 per cent of your traffic didn’t come to the second stage of your funnel (as per the example), you instantly understand that there is a problem with your traffic source.

2. Determine your best & worst operating campaigns.

Detailed information about your funnel will let you know on which campaigns you should spend your marketing budget. You understand your customers more and can create better users profiles in future.

It is not just a thorough breakdown for your customer’s journey from drop-offs to the conversions. You also get the info of where do they come from.

The above is an enhanced referral traffic report. It shows what are you capable of receiving a piece of related information on the reason behind the conversions or drop-offs and every happening on each stage of your funnel.

For example, if 152 of 15,900 (0.9 per cent) user converted in an email campaign, you had run last month. Then understand that you’ve had used a bad channel for your campaign. (Assuming everything goes right with your website)

3.Analytics of Traffic quality

Assume you can get a real percentage of bad traffic from other channels you spent thousands of dollars for promoting.

A tool with great features could take you there — the one which shows you a graphics bar with your traffic quality in three different types of colours.

A tool which displays inferior traffic vs rate of quality from Facebook Ads for a specific website can be useful too. So that you achieve the actual summary of how much quality enriched traffic is coming from each channel you have been spending on your marketing budget and advertising.


An average ROI of CRO tools are 223 per cent.

CRO tools like Finteza, Piwik and Kissmetrics and would help you guess and manually try analyzing the reasons behind the visitors which are not converting on your website. Moreover, you can view a detailed report on your customers’ journey. It is an excellent way to improve your funnels accurately and your marketing campaign.

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