Google Fixing a Bug That is Not Rendering Many Search Results

Google has affirmed it knows of a bug that is causing search outcomes not completely to render for specific individuals.

As per grievances held up in the Google support forums, and on Twitter, this bug has been influencing individuals for at least a few days.

Once more, not every person is running into this issue. Search results are stacking impeccably elegant for the vast majority.

While others, similar to this individual in the Google forums, see a screen that resembles the one underneath:

As appeared in the example over, the bug is causing search outcomes just mostly to render before the screen goes clear.

Numerous others have reacted to the string saying they have a similar issue too.

I searched through Twitter for some other notices of this bug and just figured out how to locate a bunch of tweets.

That could mean the issue isn’t extremely across the board. It could likewise mean individuals essentially aren’t hurrying to Twitter to grumble about it.

Regardless, this is what I figured out how to discover:

Google’s Danny Sullivan, through the Search Liaison Twitter account, issued the accompanying statement on July 24 at 3:30 pm EST:

Up until now, that is the main word from Google concerning this issue. I expect we’ll get another explanation when more data is accessible.

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