Google’s new snippet settings empowers webmasters to exercise their wishes on the search listings display

Google introduces max-snippet, max-video-preview, max-image-preview and more to their nosnippet snippet settings.

Google has launched its brand new snippet settings. The new feature will let the webmaster control the Google search, which displays your listings as they wrote on their Webmaster blog.

The new setting will work via a set of robots meta tags and an HTML attribute.

From new meta tags to snippets settings, you will be able to add the given below are the four meta tags to an HTML page or a specific x-robots-tag HTTP header.

The new settings are as follows:

  • “nosnippet”: – This is an old option instead which haven’t changed, it enables you to specify that you don’t want any textual snippet visible on the page.
  • “max-snippet:[number]”: – This is a new meta tag feature which helps you to specify the maximum length of your text in characters of a snippet on your page.
  • “max-video-preview:[number]”: – This new meta tag feature enables you to specify the maximum duration (in seconds) for an animated video preview.
  • “max-image-preview:[setting]”: – And this new meta tag empowers you to specify the maximum size of a preview of the image to be displayed on your page, using “none”, “standard”, or “large” options.

What you get after combining them? You can work with these meta tags individually, or you can combine them also. Say, if you want to control the maximum length of the text as well as the video. So, here’s how you do it.

The HTML attribute.You can simply utilize it as an HTML attribute and not as a meta tag. You can restrain that part of the page being displayed on your page.

And here’s how the code might look like.

What about other search engines? By far our knowledge, Bing and other search engines presently do not support any of the above-discussed snippet settings. For Instance, Google might have settled for support to these new settings.

Google’s Principles. Google will follow these principles, and it is not something to be ignored. As they won’t consider anything other than these principles.

About the Preview. Actually, there is no way to preview these new snippet settings and no idea available on how it may work in the live Google search.

Therefore you must make use to it and wait for Google to display them. You can even utilize the URL inspection tool to promote crawling. As Google starts crawling it, you might be able to view the revised snippets in the live search results.

Start preparing now. Google has given a month’s notice for this. So we can make the changes and view the impacts of our listings in the Google search results as it goes live.

Enriched Google results & Featured Snippets. Don’t forget that if you want to restrain Google from displaying particular information, then it might leave an impact on featured snippet results. And it might also affect the display of your results. Features snippets need few numbers of characters to show and suppose you fall below the minimum the result might not qualify the featured snippet position on your page.

AMP and larger images. The company has clarified that you can also restrict the size impacts are being displayed on your AMP results. Such as the top stories and others. Google said that “publishers who are not interested in using larger images of the thumbnails while presenting their AMP pages in search and discover can utilize their meta robots settings to specify the max-image-preview of ‘standard’ or ‘none.’ ”

The Rankings.The new features won’t affect the overall Google search rankings. Google will continue to crawl, index as well as rank of your pages like before. But, it might affect your listing while showing some specific rich results.

Why is it necessary? As the SEOs, website owners and webmasters wanted to acquire more power on the Google Listing while viewing the Google Search results. These new feature settings will enable them with more flexibility of what they desire to show on their Google search result snippet.

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