Google’s Assistant all presence plan reminds of old Google Site Search tactics

Google Assistant’s “association” and fistfight with Amazon’s Alexa to conquer the bigger mass for future monetization

In the early days of our internet search, it was very competitive. Then Google’s distribution strategies were Google Site Search (GSS) where they used to syndicate the search box to their third party publishers over the internet. Back in 2017 GSS was closed and replaced in 2018 by other alternatives.

Raising association with the third party association

Google’s latest effort to hand out the Assistant over the entire digital ecosystem of third-party devices is similar to Google’s site search strategy. In comparison to Google’s Android policy, site search was a better plan.  

Google announced a line of third party appliance & electronic devices this year at CES, which also followed by its Assistant into their devices as voice-enabled controller and User Interface. Last Thursday, the company further added that the number of manufacturers of smart TV and other appliances is increasing who are willing to incorporate Google Assistant into their systems.

Though it is not crystal clear how much Google search is contributing to the rise of the brand’s image and use. GSS helped Google establishing its brand and distributing ads GSS was everywhere across the internet and on the publisher’s websites too with all types and sizes which later came into light as AdWords. In 2000 Google removed Inktomi, which later became Yahoo’s search engine. And in 2004 as Yahoo dismissed its arch-rival, Google was already on the peak and was building a company as it is today.

Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa run for

1. Acceptance of smart speaker/display by consumers

2. Device integration of third parties

3. Smart home control

According to Survey data, the market for a smart speaker/appliances is “the Gateway to smart home”. Therefore the fistfight of the brands is going on to conquer the market by direct sales and smart home compatibility.

The fight for market share

Google has faced issues gaining market shares against Alexa in the US by direct selling of the devices. And Amazon’s Alexa still holds a remarkable amount of share, which is about 70%. But Google’s strategy to increase its reach via Google Assistant integration.

But it won’t be the same as it was with Inktomi as Yahoo acquired it before Google was at the peak. But, Alexa seems to lose as there are several Google devices sales plus third party association.

Finally coming to revenue

Google Assistance’s all-presence ability helps the company to acquire more revenue and reach as it has a number of choices to generate revenue, sponsorships, including audio ads and others.

Previously with GSS, there were no ads, but now AdWords or AdSense for the search engine was incorporated and distributed throughout Google’s syndicated site-search network. In the future, maybe we will witness the same fate with it’s Assistant.

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