Google will ban ads consists of ambiguous medical techniques

The new Policy of Google will restrain ads that sell health remedies without any biomedical or scientific records.

Google confirms to ban all the ads related to products which contain ‘experimental medical techniques’ which are yet to be proved. Few therapies such as stem cell, cellular and gene therapy.

“We are aware that medical trials mostly start with unproven strategies, but we also consider that advanced clinical discoveries are trustworthy while well monitored and proved.”

“Meanwhile, we have observed that bad actors have risen trying to take advantage of the people by providing untested and false remedies. And most likely, these incidents lead to harmful health hazards, and we do not consider this on Google,” said Adrienne Biddings, Policy Advisor, Google.

The new policy will ban those ads which have anything to do with improper biomedical or Scientific base.

Far more, this policy will also restrain those treatments which lack clinical justifications or found to be at a very initial stage of any scientific findings.

“Google’s new policy of restraining speculative medicines was necessary and desired for taking a step further towards a market arena of deceitful medical products like unproven stem cell therapies,” added Deepak Srivastava, the President of the International Society of Stem Cell Research.   

As per the disclosure of Google, they will go on allowing advertisements which are for research trials and even the scientists will be able to advertise their findings among the commoners.

When the new outcomes will come, and the regulatory bodies will confirm the developments, only then Google will think about updating their policy.

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