Google takes off the verified status from Youtube Accounts

Google has intimated a few specific YouTube creators that they are removing the verified status of the accounts on Youtube. They are about to release a new look which would help the users to identify the official channel of celebrity, creator or any brand.

Why has Google taken this decision?  

Google is experimenting with various features of Youtube for some time now. Among which monetization of dreaded content, restraining the channels with insufficient subscribers to live stream and lastly followed by omitting the verified status of channels. Google is enforcing few changes in their research, which reveals that Youtube viewers are often identified through their preference of content viewing and not by their identity.

What are the new criteria?

Google assures that the criteria for realizing the official channels, creators or brands are through their broad audience base and their actual presence on the web.

What is Google’s benchmark on removal?

So far, the criteria are crystal, but the while implementation Google will surely change something as usual. Even a few actual site’s monetizations and search traffic get affected when Google make some alterations in its algorithm. There is transparency or accountability available from the scale of the platform. The real problem is Google isn’t ready to deal with its size and authority.

How will it impact creators?

Google has confirmed that almost all the creators would appeal for re-verification. They have also mentioned significant criteria for rejecting the appeals too. Google needs to maintain transparency and fairness while implementing such new regulations.

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