Google Silently Introduces Combined Audience Targeting for Search Campaigns

Publicists are seeing a combined audience targeting for search campaigns in their Google Ads accounts.

Even though Google has not made an official declaration, digital marketing specialist Steven Johns saw the new targeting technique in his Google Ads account and shared the news on Twitter on November 13. 

How Combined Audiences Work 

Combined audiences enable publicists to layer blends of in-market, demographic, affinity, and remarketing audiences utilizing “AND”, “OR”, or “NOT” directives. 

Advertisers are provided with an option to target multiple audiences to a campaign (“OR”) and exclude audiences from a campaign (“NOT”), however, the genuine distinct advantage this tool provides is the “AND” directive.

It was the first time; advertisers can indicate that their ads just show to users who are in at least two specific audiences.

In search campaigns, this targeting is at that point layered with campaign keywords. Users who satisfy the combined audience requirements and search the predetermined campaign keywords are the primary users who will see the advertisements for that campaign.

Instructions to Use Combined Audiences 

A retailer would have the option to make advertisements with uncommon messaging for users who have visited their site, didn’t change over, and are searching for Black Friday deals.

By making a combined audience for site guests who are likewise part of the Black Friday in-market audience, they’re guaranteeing their advertisements will just show to users who meet all of these requirements and search explicit keywords on Google.

To check whether you can utilize combined audience targeting in your search campaign, open a campaign and explore to the “Audiences” tab.

At that point, click the blue pencil to include a new set of audience. From the audience box, select “Browse”.

If accessible, combined audiences will be the fifth and last choice on the rundown.

After choosing “Combined audiences” you’ll have the option to assemble audience blends right from the campaign.

What This Means for You

Google has an incredibly extended audience targeting for search campaigns in 2019, prior add in-market audiences, at that point affinity audiences, and now combined audience focusing on.

This new capacity permits Google search campaigns to be focused on more accurately than any time before, leaving advertisers space to try different things with messaging, bidding, and more extensive keyword targeting.

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